In any professional servicing operation, the professional servicing supervisor or company owner is probably the most important person who can motivate professional servicing crews to take pride in their work. But how one can motivate, instruct, communicate and lead the professional servicing staff?

In every job that I have had from professional servicing to managing teams across the nation, I have used motivation to drive high performance and results from my teams and myself.
Motivating and leading is what I love to do.

Often time professional servicing company owner face the problems keeping his supervisors and professional servicing crew member motivated. Professional servicing crew member starts outs doing a great job from the first day, but when professional servicing company owner starts trusting him, his performance goes downhill.

This makes the company owner think how can he motivate, instruct, communicate and lead the professional servicing staff to have the same interest that one does have as an owner?

Here are some basic tips for the professional servicing business owner to motivate their crew members:

1. Find out the strengths and weaknesses.
2. Praise them for their "strong" points and reward them publicly.
3. Identify their weak points and encourage them for improvement.
4. Give them recognition as things happen.
5. Provide interactive discussions, fast-paced meetings, and up to date equipment.
6. Emphasize on the importance of taking breaks.
7. Bring in temporary help to support your team during peak workloads.
8. Offer competitive salaries and commissions
9. Maintain a sense of humor and friendly relationship with your staff.
10. Conduct a staff interest survey to see if they are in the most appropriate position.

Whether you are looking to energize your supervisor, manager or crew members these 10 tips will work for you. But you must need to realize that no one will ever do things just like you.

Investing a little or more time in motivating your professional servicing staff is the raw material of personal energy that makes every person and every organization successful. De-motivation or poor morale is cancer and can infect a lot of people and yourself too in your organization.

So, keep motivating your employees.