eSales profits from personalizing the viewer meaning the entrance or lobby of the meeting room with a PowerPoint conceptual model which illustrates the client's activity sector. A large array is offered among the Resources under SERVICE. In fact, the same model could be used for the presentation to a prospect. Depending upon the number of participants, you could decide between a telephone conversation or an audio conference service. The invitation is transmitted by e-mail with integration with most CRM applications. In the case of co-workers, the invitation could be done via Skype, followed by an attendance indication.


Many Conference ware functionalities help to the success of eSale. First, a PowerPoint presentation and the screen sharing to hold a demonstration or display Word or Excel documents, for instance. Also, many presenters could intervene under the guidance of a conference master and each participant could be authorized to draw or write on a presentation. The presenter might transmit to the participants a screen saver with notes or any file or image, such as a proposal. Finally, the prospect's opinion, but usually of his/hers circle of 'influence', could be requested through a mini questionnaire like one for the importance they give to your differentials in order to detect their buying criteria.

Follow up

Conference ware provides a detailed report of the participants to a WEB conference and their answers to the different questions. In another matter, the integral recording of a WEB conference, voice, and images, can be imported to your local disc and saved in the client's file of your CRM software like an attached file to a contact. Replayed, it could be considered as a tool to review opportunities by a sales director or as a pedagogical material to train representatives, mainly to share better practices.