A sales playbook is a compiled workbook that lays out a sale process. It consists of a set of roles and responsibilities that a professional service firm lays out, its objectives, the sales tools used and an entire overview that a sales team or an individual follows complete a sales task. A sales playbook's major role is to provide a framework with which the team is able to close sales and to remain competitive in the market. It gives the sales team the courage to engage with the customer and to deliver on the sales. It is therefore important that the playbook be practical. An effective playbook counters the market.
In a business, it is the major role of the marketing team to lay out a well thought out, practical and detailed sales playbook. Then, the sales team executes the playbook in the sales process. For success of a product, the communication between the marketing team and the sales team should be highly effective

The importances of a sales playbook are:
1. Focus of the team.For a sale to be successful, it is important for that the team work towards a specific goal. This goal has to be set out before hand. Hence, an effective sales play books sets out the direction with which the team should move. This direction, as offered, should be clear and contain the right content. This will ensure that the sales are strategic and easily achieved.
2. Hiring of new sales representatives.When new sales representatives join a team, a sales playbook is important in that it may be used as a reference during training. It shows the new reps an overview of how the existing team works. It also shortens the time in which new representatives take to catch up with the existing team's progress. The playbook may also be important when a sales and/or marketing team is merging with another.
3. New services launch. An effective sales playbook ensures that the challenges a sales team faces when tackling a sales process are minimal. Thus, when a new venture e.g a new service is launched, a sales playbook offers the sales representatives a reference point for the material. They thus know the benefits and the areas in which the product can meet targeted sales.
4. Growth.According to multiple research reports, the performance of a sales team using the sales playbook is high. Moreover, a team that is keen to observe trends with the sales of a product, making changes whenever a weakness is observed in the playbook, have made tremendous growth to becomes star performers.

In conclusion, the professional service firm's sales playbook should ensure that it remains customer- oriented and not product-oriented. Sales playbook differ with the sale processes that a team is undertaking and hence, multiple play books can exist.The compilation of the playbook should involve a team, mainly of marketers, sales management and some performing representatives. The playbook can also only remain up to standard with constant feedback from the entire team. It is surely evident that a sales playbook is the secret to a team's success.