The healthcare industry produces a large amount of data from EHRs, medical imaging and medical devices, the big data is the perfect solution for the industry to manage, organize and improve the entire healthcare ecosystem. Big data is an ideal solution for the industry because it generates a zettabytes amount of data that can be useful to make changes in medicine, technology and finance processes.

Advantages of Big Data for Healthcare Industry:

● Technical Difficulties: Big data has the ability or technical skill to ensure that data is safe and secure manner. Due to the complex nature of the files, big data requires a specialized skill set. Hospital IT staff are experts in SQL and they do not need to learn any new technology to manage this data, hospital only need to manipulate their data into big data environment with the help of data scientist experts.

A Better Healthcare Landscape: Consumers always expect from hospitals for better quality of care and Big data has ability to improve medicine, technology, and finance processes in the healthcare industry. In the future, big data has a great potential to steer the industry with effective manner.

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