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Some golden Investment Tips

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  • Some golden Investment Tips


    If you are long term investor willing to invest for 3 years and more today this is the right time to invest. There is no doubt that Europe is in a financial mess and it will take few years for it to clear the same. There will be a negative impact on the investment sentiment India too. But India story still remains intact. Fundamentally Europe will have little impact on India. Currently the equity market is trading at an attractive level. There are lot of stocks that are available at reasonably lower price compared to their intrinsic value. In my view long term investors should start investing at the current levels.


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    Re: Some golden Investment Tips

    Invest your money every month in shares of a good company ( selected after studying as I have suggested earlier ).

    Keep faith and keep investing. Over a period you will get lot of shares of the said company. Then when the stock market goes into next upward / boom position and the prices of shares of the company moves up a lot, SELL.

    Better than SIPs of mutual funds. You pay lot of commissions and brokerages in mutual funds. Save on those charges.

    Of course you must learn a lot about share markets before you do anything. Keep asking relevant questions in this forum, read newspapers ( Economic Times etc), read websites ( many good quality websites devoted to share market are there).
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      Re: Some golden Investment Tips

      Thanks for these really appreciable must helpful to all investors..I personally believed that PPF is the best way to invest ur money. If u r going for a long time then invest in stock market or take a ulip plan of life insurance. with life insurance policy even not ur money but you and your family also safe...
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        Re: Some golden Investment Tips

        below are some investing tips:

        1. Understand that there are no set rules for investing. There are no guarantees and no perfect way to invest.

        2. Make informed choices. Before investing in any way you should completely understand how your investment will work and all of the details of the transaction.

        3. Make a simple plan to determine your goals and needs. This will help you to determine what investments to make and how much money to invest.

        These three tips are great for general investing..

        Thanks for finding the time..!!

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          Re: Some golden Investment Tips

          Thanks to both of you, for sharing this information with us.


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            Re: Some golden Investment Tips

            This is really an excellent tips on investing. Thanks a lot.
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              Re: Some golden Investment Tips

              Wow its a wonderful post. Really i like this post. I share to my all facebook friends...Keep submit more...

              Thanks for...
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                Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                I generally say that investing in real estate or gold one must take a view of the thing & compare the price with the current market price.So,that you will get the original value.I hope you understood the thing.
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                  Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                  OK according to you Europe market is beneficial for long term investment but how about the rest of word about Australia or India? India is booming economy?
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                    Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                    Investment in real estate is a best option but do investment when market is in doldrums, before invest in property first collect all information about that place and to collect information you can take Internet help. You can also invest in gold.
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                      Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                      Whenever a person or a corporation or a government entity spends some money to purchase an asset (movable, immovable or otherwise) of any kind with an intention to make profit in the future such activity is referred as investment. Investments can be for long term and short term. Certain investment carries risk while the others do not. Similarly some investments guarantee returns while the others do not. When you have money to invest you must analyze many factors and then take a decision.

                      Investment is a vital activity in financial planning. Investment is important for many reasons. Firstly most of them generate greater revenue when compared with savings though the fact remains that certain investment doesn't necessarily give you returns. Investments can appreciate your asset value improve your bank balance and may be of a great recourse to start a business or take care of oneself in the old age. You must properly learn to invest money from the loans.
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                        Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                        Thank you for sharing some tips that is a good way to investment.
                        if you are looking for investor then visit this site
                        thank you


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                          Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                          Some golden investment tips are:
                          - Never buy numismatic gold coins unless you are a collector
                          - Diversify your physical holdings
                          - Only buy bullion coins and bullion bars
                          - Compare the different gold bullion products.
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                            Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                            Real estate is really great industry to invest money, I’m thinking about it.
                            I want to know some other members suggestions or tips about investment in Real estate industry.

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                              Re: Some golden Investment Tips

                              Hello Juli,
                              Really nice information sharing.Thanks for sharing post.