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Benefits of having a business web site

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  • Benefits of having a business web site


    Can you believe that just about fifteen years ago most people had not even heard of the Internet? We have been involved with creating business web sites and e-commerce site 1997.

    But even more amazing is the growth in web functionality and the huge drop in the cost of that functionality. In the late 90’s it was not unusual for a company to spend tens of thousands of dollars to build an e-commerce site. Today, any business, small or large, can have an Internet catalog or e-commerce web site for under $2000.00. Part of the reason for the drop in price is the huge number of small businesses now opting for an online presence to augment sales in their physical locations. Another reason is the technology has gotten more sophisticated and available. And the huge number of businesses moving to the web is a result of the number of people who regularly use the Internet.

    If you own a business today your customers EXPECT you to have a web site and email. This expectation almost requires you to have some sort of interactive, dynamic web presence. Even so, one of the questions we hear often is “What are the benefits of having a business web site?” The answer to this depends upon your business and your customers. But to understand the most important benefit of having a web site we have to look at the behaviors of today’s customers.

    During the 80’s and 90’s US companies were in a cost cutting, increased productivity frenzy. Every major corporation in America was working diligently to drive customers totally mad. New, telephone answering systems that could literally keep you on hold or wandering through a maze of options… Reductions in inventories that lead to products not being available… Fewer choices to further reduce inventories… Part time employees with little understanding of the products and services replaced knowledgeable, full time employees… It seemed that we were doomed to poor customer service while EVERY business bragged about their excellent customer service.

    Then, while most of us had given up on any hope of good customer service, the Internet sprang up. What an amazing thing. Any time, night or day, you could look up information you needed. Then began letting us buy books the same way. And the service was great. An email telling you they received your order… an email telling you the order was shipped and you should receive it in a few days… an email telling you that you should have already received the order and what to do if you had not… an email telling you of a great new book similar to the one you just bought.

    Sure it was email… sure it was automated. But it was so much better than what we had become used to we loved it. And we still love it. Why wait on hold when you can send an email at any time and you can go do other things while waiting for a reply.

    The Internet makes it possible to communicate with your customers on their terms within their time frame. It makes it possible to automate information dissemination and customer service. Even if you don’t use the Internet to increase your market reach and revenue the Internet has made it possible to keep your customers happy.

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    Re: Benefits of having a business web site

    Benefits of having a business web site

    1. online business possible.
    2. online marketing .
    3. (SEM) search engine marketing .
    4. increase the customer online .
    5. reduce the setup cost.
    6. online booking.
    7. online advertisement possible .
    8. global marketing
    9. increase the network on global or local basis.

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      Re: Benefits of having a business web site


      Increases awareness of products/services.
      A website provides the opportunity to publish the who, what, where, when and why of your business in a powerful and effective manner. How many potential customers might be saved if they could learn a little more about you, your company, your products, etc., without having to phone or taking the time to meet with you in person? A website makes it easy for customers to learn more about your business at their own pace.

      Reduce marketing costs.
      Buying advertising space, whether it's a newspaper ad, billboard or radio spots, can be expensive. In addition is the burden of the hours spent trying to figure out the perfect words to say in a limited space. A website is an unlimited number of full-page ads that you can change at will!

      Increases hours of operation.
      Not only will your website be there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the possibility of reaching millions of people every day, but now your customers are able to contact you outside of your normal business hours. Your website is still working for you while you are at leisure or asleep, and is not dependent on your having a PC or leaving your PC switched on

      Two-Way Communicative Marketing.
      Customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product and/or marketing approach.

      Cheap Market Research
      You can use features on your website such as visitor polls, online surveys and your website statistics to find out what your customers like more and how they feel about certain aspects of your business to determine how you can improve your product and the way you do business.

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        Re: Benefits of having a business web site

        24 7 365
        No more turning customers away when its time to close shop, putting up a note saying closed for public holiday , or leaving an irritating message on your answering service specifying your trading hours tell them to visit your website for information they are looking for.

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          Re: Benefits of having a business web site

          Internet marketing is the best option to reaching out to a targeted customer.
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            Re: Benefits of having a business web site

            Yes, a website is a valuable tool for marketing and streamlining a business. For example, a consumers search for products and services online before making purchases. There is a good possibility that your website can be found through a search engine such as Google.
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              Re: Benefits of having a business web site

              The Internet is very different from print advertising in this space is cheap, your ad is available for a longer period, the content can be changed without having to ask someone to do it for you (if you use a content management system) and can potentially reach a wider audience.A site is not only a way of representing your business, it is a form of media from which everybody can get information. You can use this medium to sell advertising space to other companies.
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                Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                I always like to mention that sometimes a website is the first impression a potential customer gets about yous business.

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                  Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                  The Benefit Of having a business web site

                  1. Greater Flexibility
                  2. Time Savings
                  3. Technical Expertise
                  4. Integrated Marketing
                  5. Improved Aesthetics
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                    Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                    In my personal opinion, the core benefits of a business website can be:

                    1. Customer Satisfaction via Support Center on the web.
                    2. Attraction of more users and customers
                    3. Marketing of your new products in no time and a lot more others like your popularity as a businessman.
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                      Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                      The internet has developed so quickly and continues to do so, web based business is bound to continue to expand rapidly over the next ten years.
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                        Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                        with the proliferation of the internet, one will definitely lose out if his or her company does not have a website on the internet. Not to mention, things like online shopping, online coupons and deals and subscribers list will not be available to the company and they are great revenue booster or marketing tools.


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                          Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                          thread really make me wonder , what benefits are there in having a business site , the only benefit you can have if you have a business .
                          if you have a business site but no business that is hillariosus (:
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                            Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                            Your website can give credibility to your business effectively represent who you are, what you do and other essential information that customers want to know. You can send comments and testimonials, links to articles about your business, membership in professional organizations and other elements that show your customers that your company is trustworthy.
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                              Re: Benefits of having a business web site

                              Personally for me it's:

                              1. Ease of access to the business
                              2. Free advertising (to a certain extent)
                              3. Wider target media reached
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