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  • Hello:

    Hello, I am an American, originally from Detroit, moved to San Jose CA for nearly ten years, now have been residing in Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon) for five years. Its wonderful out here, and I may not return to the US permanently, until the time comes to put my children into universities.

    Bodybuilding has been my favorite hobby since 1991. I've often considered owning a gym as my way of living as I could easily dedicate all my time/effort to it (well, whats left after caring for my family), and then easily make the time to keep myself in better shape on a full time basis (my career, and social habits, have too often interfered with this in the past).

    I have done a lot more research in this in (owning a gym locally) in 2007, and now again in 2010. I've come across a potential opportunity to buy an existing gym. Though I really need advice from other business owners (preferably gym owners) so that I can make some decisions. I have a detailed post with questions prepared, though not sure where it would fit into these forums. Could any gym owners tell me which forums they use? Or where I might post my questions here?


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    Re: Hello:

    this site might help you since you are a gym owner