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Hello Everyone

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    This is timmoores mew member of this forum..



    • alonzomerrill
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      Re: New Member Introduction

      Hello every one, My name is Alonzo Merrill and i am here for a good conversation with all people. I like to share all business information with other member and also like to learn about new thinks in business. Any one can ask me any query of business to get

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    India offers business opportunities in an ideal investment climate. While its foreign direct investment policies are conducive to setting up business in India.
    India has been the biggest hub for business till date. IBEF.ORG provides business opportunities, Investment Information and the best guide covering all the Business Sectors of India. The information provided here are too latest and updated every day for better Economic growth and development.

    India Brand Equity Foundation is an effort by the CII and Ministries to guide the investors in the right way and help them from not getting cheated from fake agencies and frauds.
    Help me in circulating this to all. Find in Google and visit it.


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      Just register and want to say Hello everyone
      I am new here and very much happy to be a part of this community.
      wayne dyer


      • polardsmith1
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        Re: Hello everyone


        Welcome to the small busniess . I hope you enjoy to the small busniess

      • jakehurley
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        Re: Hello everyone

        Welcome to the forum,Hope you enjoy your stay here.

      • B2Bexpert
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        Re: Hello everyone

        Welcome and Hope you are fine and enjoying stay here.Thanks

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      I ve just finished my registration and placed first thread...hoping to stay here and meet some good friends and potential clients.I am a trader/money manager with a great portfolio and my offer is managed account 100 % insured against losses!In case of a loss you ll be refunded!Check my offer Finance/Accounting/Tax hope you ll like it and hope we ll enjoy in our potential collaboration

      Take care and regards,

      Pro Trader
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      • juliensauctionsinfo
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        Re: Hello everyone!

        Hello friends!!!I am new to this forum...I have to enjoy very much here..this is very helpful to every users thank you

      • RyanCyntron
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        Re: Hello everyone!

        Welcome Pro Trader ...........

        Best Wishes
        Ryan Cyntron

      • matt.john
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        Re: Hello everyone!

        hello folks it me matt john i m new one on this forum hope spend a good time with you guys.

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      Hi dudes,
      I am 20 years old.My name is Jenny and I am new member of this forum.I hope I will have a nice stay here with all of you.
      Regards jenny!
      Jenny Jenna


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        Hello Everyone,
        I live in El Segundo, California. My name is Michelle Oslon and I signed up several weeks ago for small business HR discussion. I work in Cornerstone HR Advantage LLC . I am here to make friends and network and I look forward to becoming aquainted with the forum. If you have any query related to HR solutions & laws, then you can send me PM.


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          Do you have this feeling? it becomes more and more difficult to make Money, Some people say use water making money is really a good idea ,why? and how to use water make money? about this point ,do you have any good ideas ?
          In my opinion , With the global warming, I think make the water to ice is one of the good ways to make money ,In modern society, Ice has thousands of uses, For example, In some fast-food restaurants、Use of refrigeration equipment 、Medical use and so on .so we can Seize this business opportunities and make more money from water
          Do you have any good suggestions ? Welcome to discuss here.


          • kace
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            Re: How to make money from water?

            Originally posted by justafive View Post
            That is amazing, how it can possible to make money through water? I think that it is only a idea not a solid business.
            It isn't only an idea,it's a truth.You can make water into ice or sell the ice machine ,and then sell the product to the purchaser,such as the market,hotel,frozen food buyer or seller and so on .In a word it is make money from water.

          • orangeblossomcatering
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            Re: How to make money from water?

            Do the process of normal water to mineral water and supply it on your comfortable price.

          • kace
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            Re: How to make money from water?

            Make the water into Ice .Then sell the ice. WATER-ICE
            Originally posted by orangeblossomcatering View Post
            Do the process of normal water to mineral water and supply it on your comfortable price.

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          Hi, I am Ryan........ I signed up few days back but this is my first post to say hello to all..........
          If you need help on Payroll solutions you can ask.......

          Thanks in advance


          • Chattsms
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            Re: Hello Everyone!!!

            I am also new in this community so welcome ..

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          Hi dear friends my name is Gulfam,I am new in this forum today just came here for getting new friends and learn lot of new things...
          Entertainment | Love with Parents | General Knowledge | Marketing Rules | Seo Free Tricks


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            Hi all,

            We are a team of cartoon character mascots design.And we now running a small business on
            We think we have competitive advantage in service and fees,but short of marketing skills.Then we found this forum,a wonderful place we can learn a lot of marketing knowledge.And so glad to be a part of you.
            Of course,we will also share our professional knowledge in our field to help your business.We learn from you,you learn from me,everyone likes a win-win situation.


            • wilkingalen
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              Re: Cartoon Mascots Design for small business - Smartmascots Studio

              If you want your logo, a unique attraction, and then use the animation. Can not only make your design attractive and appealing, but only in their expressions and body language to convey the right message.

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            Hi Guys,

            I am new to the forum, like most of you I am trying to get a little help with my business!!

            We are a small business called TNT Air Products Ltd, based in Manchester. We have developed a wonderful product which is selling very well and we have over 50 shops already buying our products. Our websites are and

            Our turnover is around 8k per month already and we are just coming into our Peak Season March - September. We have a proactive telesales arrangement which is working fantastic.

            However at present we are paying off the set up costs and outstanding debts, and are struggling with cash flow.

            This will be a great opportunity for someone to invest a quite small amount to improve cash flow and buying power. The cash flow will be also used to obtain a licence for future products.

            I am confident that we have fantastic products and this is a great chance for someone to get a great return on investment.


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              Hello my dear friends how are you but i m fine and i m a new in this forum please share this information for smallbusinessforum..........


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              How to find some information that is related to us in the forum?


              • jessica_david
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                Re: Discover

                you can use the search bar for it, type your keyword or phrase and it will display most relevant results according to your keyword or search phrase

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              I am a new member here on smart small business forum.
              SEO Expert Dubai | SEO Services in Dubai | SEO Services UK


              • dangtrung77
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                Re: New Member

                Welcome. Sharing and learning with everyone here.

              • alen12345
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                Re: New Member

                Hello Roald, you get more benefits about business with the help of this sites.

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              I am Hirrok and newbie of this community. I am going to start my own business website in short time and wanted to increase my business knowledge and information. I hope I'll learn and share many things here.
              Life is simple, it's just not easy.