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Start your professional servicing business

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  • Start your professional servicing business

    We know you want to start your own professional servicing business; hopefully, you now know what it will be.

    Being used to a steady paycheck from a regular job, with a family or other financial obligations, makes stepping out of your comfort zone a little risky. It doesn't seem to matter how miserable you are in that job, the alternative scares the pants off many of us. There is a safer way of jumping off that cliff and it entails your current boss.

    Your employer could be your ticket to a successful freelance business if his business doesn't conflict with your dreams. If you were thinking of starting a freelance copywriting business, you could negotiate a contract with your current employer for 50% of your time for the first year after you leave. This would give you a springboard for finding other clients while still covering your monthly expenses.

    You're probably wondering about now, why your employer would agree to sign a contract for half of your time? There are a number of reasons, and they can result in a "win-win" situation for both of you.

    If you're on good terms with your employer, chances are he doesn't want to lose you. It takes the time to train someone to fill your job and train them to the company's way of being productive.