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  • Who hosts you?

    Currently, All of my sites are hosted with A Small Orange. An odd name but they don't provide odd services. Till now I've been more than satisfied with them.

    So, Who hosts your websites?

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    Me. I have a friend who owns a server and I am a reseller on it. It's an easy residual income from sites I build for my customers.
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      I have a reseller account with Midphase.
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        Best hosting I've ever had.
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          I used to be hosted with ASO till I got an offer I could not refuse. I am not hosted by a company called SorStream Communications. They are based out of Chicago and they have been better in both support and offers than ASO. Check out their site (link in my sig)

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            a few days ago I registered with A Small Orange, see the link in pulse's post.
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              I am currently hosted on a dedicated server with in the data center in california.

              We went through a series of hosts that just couldn't quite manage our growing needs and after endless amounts of frustration with host after host, we saw the glowing praise about simpli on webhostingtalk and decided to give them a try.

              Support with Simpli has been excellent bar none. They've been very timely and very helpful. They've truely gone above and beyond to help us out on occassion with things that they really weren't obligated to cover.

              Our latest great experience came this week when we ordered another gig of ram for the box which made a good thing even better. Our request was compleated within just a few hours.
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                My modest needs are served well by netfirms free hosting.


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                  I have been using for four years and have no complaints.


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                    I am hosted by two hosts:

                    One is a Free Host...which is:


                    Other is

                    It's going great so has some downtimes...though it's expected from a free host hosting 2000+ accounts.


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                      Re: Who hosts you?

                      I host my website here and also get the hosting,domain name register, domain appraisal, online file folder, ssl certificate etc...


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                        Re: Who hosts you?

                        Just a word to the wise: Irrespective of who hosts your website, be careful who you select to host your email. One of our clients was using Yahoo Plus! email only to discover that they do not separate their email routing between paying customers and free service members. As a result, their emails were being designated as SPAM by one of their main customers who uses TrendMicro to filter their emails.
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                          Re: Who hosts you?

                          my site is hosted by


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                            Re: Who hosts you?

                            All of my wbsite are really hosted by the current .net and I don't know whether that's good or bad to my website? I think that will make an influence to myself.
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                              Re: Who hosts you?

                              I use 1and1, very happy with it.
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