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How to increase Traffic?

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    Re: How to increase Traffic?

    Just simple steps to increase traffic.
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      Re: How to increase Traffic?

      idea has hit all the critical underlying points of increasing traffic. Most importantly creating useful content for your users, using SEO and SMO are necessary to generate traffic but without useful content the increased traffic generation will only lead to a higher "bounce" rate. If you create original useful content people will come to your site and spend time looking through it, and others will also link to your site and tweet your content. In the end you will have to do less work to generate traffic.

      Thanks idea for the useful tips.

      Rob Rao
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        Re: How to increase Traffic?

        Try Pay Per Click Advertising: Search engine optimization, reciprocal linking, content creation, and publishing all take time to deliver traffic to your site. If the main sections of your site are ready for public viewing and you want to see how well you can do, then buy some traffic. The most popular and probably most effective pay per click advertising program is Google’s Adwords. It only takes a few minutes to set up an Adwords account and you will get traffic immediately. But remember, your site has to be good enough to convert this traffic into orders if you want to recover the cost of the advertising.

        So, roll up your sleeves and start working. Choose the website promotion methods that are most appropriate for you and you will be well on your way to providing the answer to your own question about how to increase website traffic.


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          Re: How to increase Traffic?

          On Internet more traffic means more money.Finding relevant keywords should be your first focus. Research what keywords are good for your business and implement them into some good content. Try to stay away from one word phrases as those make it more difficult for you to obtain a higher ranking.


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            Re: How to increase Traffic?

            One item you might benefit from that I didn't see mentioned in the thread is to use Press Releases. Depending on your budget and the geo-targeting of your customers you may want to try an SEO optimized press release. PRNewswire.com and PRWeb.com both offer these types of services. Here's a link to a blog that talks about the pros/cons between these two services - http://www.bigoakinc.com/blog/prweb-vs-prnewswire/. Please let me know if this was any help.
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              Re: How to increase Traffic?

              The number of excellent resources that have come out since the beginning of the year on attracting links and building traffic has really mushroomed. Plus there are some timeless classics that are still very relevant today.

              I think it makes sense to compile the very best in one handy location and share it, so here’s my entire collection. If I missed your link and traffic resource let me know and I’ll take a look.

              Now, it doesn’t matter if you like the term “link baiting” or not. It’s the process that one goes through to attract links that matters, not whether you prefer to think of your content as bait for links. I like to think that creating content that increases web traffic and builds links simply falls under the general social media optimization marketing buzz phrase that is gaining in popularity.
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                Re: How to increase Traffic?

                find forums that closely match the subject of your website. Aim for several forums so that you can maximize the effectiveness of this traffic generating tactic.
                Once you have signed up to some forums, it is time to get your signature in place. Your signature is simply the message that will appear below each posting that you post on the forums and will allow you to include your website URL or a hyperlink using other words to inspire action. For instance, let's say your website sells cat toys. Your signature may include your name along with the line "Click here for the web's best selection on low priced cat toys," which could be a hyperlink allowing folks to click that sentence and go directly to your website. It is key that you experiment with a variety of signatures on postings to find which one attracts the most people to click and visit your website.
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                  Do Soical Media Activities for increase website Traffic
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