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  • advice about intenet marketing

    Hey everybody,

    I need your advices with marketing my business.

    What is the best way to get more traffic to a business's website which offers their costumers integrated technology strategy ?

    I really don't know, maybe online marketing won't be the best way, maybe it will.
    This is why I'm posting this question to you people, please try to be objective with this.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: advice about intenet marketing

    Internet marketing is one of the best and most productive, in terms of ROI and reach, ways to reach your audience for most companies.

    Will it be the right choice for you? Thats depends on a lot of factors and to give you good advice requires more information about your company and your objectives.

    If you could provide details like what is your advertising budget, even if you use very broad terms like none, very little, it's fully funded, etc...?

    Who is your primary customer, give details on who your trying to reach?

    and if you have preferences on types of internet marketing?

    I ask this because my input would change on many of the variable answers to these questions, so a generic answer really wouldn't suite your question.
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      Re: advice about intenet marketing

      Hmmm..sounds interesting....I'll check more about it
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        Re: advice about intenet marketing

        Google's adwords, check it out! (Web-Developer)