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Does my estate plan cover my business?

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  • Does my estate plan cover my business?

    I am starting up a business out of my home, and I want to know if the trust I have can cover it? Or do I need to go back to my estate planning law firm to draft different documents? Or is there another type of laywer I should go to? Does it matter how I own my business (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc?) I appreciate any advice in the matter.

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    Re: Does my estate plan cover my business?

    To put together an estate plan your attorney carefully looks at:
    Your assets and how they are owned (real estate, securities, business interests, life insurance, retirement plan benefits and other property) and
    Other instruments that may meet your needs . Your attorney will want to discuss wills, trusts, business interests, life insurance, Social Security benefits, long-term care, charitable giving, special needs for disabled or elderly, taxes, estate administration expenses, etc. By looking at all of these issues, you may be able to minimize various taxes, the costs of administering your estate upon your death and ensure the welfare of your family and the education of your children.
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      Re: Does my estate plan cover my business?

      There are times when standard coverage won't meet your needs in the case of a fire. You can add riders to your policy to cover nearly any circumstance.
      Expensive collectibles. If you have an expensive collection of comics, rare books, or some other valuable that would be difficult to replace, you may want to provide your agent with an appraisal and request additional coverage for the property.
      Jewelry. Jewelry is typically not covered under standard insurance and requires both a separate rider and a professional appraisal of the value of the collection in order to be covered.
      Fire caused by natural disaster. If the fire was a result of an earthquake, typhoon, or other natural disaster, you may need additional coverage to guarantee protection.
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