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5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

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  • 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

    *Protect life, health and property.

    *“Key man insurance.” Protect your business if you lose a partner or key employee. Also, insure yourself to safeguard your spouse and family.

    * Life insurance for employees. Consider offering a term policy. This is a benefit you can offer and even underwrite as an added value.

    * Health insurance. A comprehensive health insurance policy will help you recruit and retain good employees. It will also help employees stay healthy and productive.

    * Property insurance. Obtain broad property coverage to protect you from a variety of losses in case of theft or disaster.
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    Re: 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business


    Thought abuot getting small business insurance for your assets? Every small business is, to some extent, unique and different from the rest. It is certainly true that every industry is different and the businesses within each industry represent that fact. A manufacturing business is different to a retail business that, in turn, is different to a business consultant. Where each business differs from the rest a different type of small business insurance will probably be required. You should consider your business as being different to every other business. Property Insurance You need to consider exactly what property you need to cover and also the amount of coverage you will require. As well as the building and any attached structures and outbuildings you should consider whether you need to insure any fences, walls or other external structures. As well as buildings though you should account for all other property involved in your business. This should include the computers and other items as well as accounts and similar paperwork. General Liability Insurance Liability insurance covers employers and companies against all sorts of eventualities where the company can be held liable.

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      Re: 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

      Business health insurance is a major cost of doing business, especially for small companies and mom-and-pop firms. With premiums soaring, many small business owners are asking their employees to shoulder more of the financial burden or cutting benefits entirely.The New York-based Commonwealth Fund, an advocacy group for health care reform, says small business health insurance costs average 18 percent more than those of larger businesses. In California, health insurance costs increased 10 percent in 2006 alone, according to the California Employer Health Benefits Survey.

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        Re: 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

        Self employed people should have a lots of benefits when it comes to insurance, they can cover the risk of business, as well as they also have a option to insure their property, they offer insurance to the employee as well.


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          Re: 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

          Most business insurance policies are designed to cover against a wide set of risks, but they have their limits. In case your business has a specific type of risk that is not included in typical policies, you may want to purchase additional coverage against this risk or get a separate policy namely for it. The main goal is to have your business insured against the particular risk and protect your funds by using insurance.
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            Re: 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

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              Re: 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

              Thank you for providing this tips.
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                Re: 5 Tips on Insurance for Small Business

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                  When it comes to business insurance key man insurance is critical if you are expecting to get some VC capital they are going to want some protection if something happens to a key employee who is driving the business