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Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

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  • Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

    1. Use One Message: A high response rate ad usually conveys a single message. NordicTrack's message of the "World's Best Aerobic Exerciser" was simple and compelling. Your small business advertising needs to quickly communicate its core message in 3 seconds or less. If you are fearful and overwhelmed by technology, which computer book do you buy? "DOS for Dummies" began a best-selling phenomena because its message was easily understood and to the point.

    2. Add Credibility: It has become human nature to distrust advertising. Claims need to be real and credible. Roy H. Williams, best-selling author of the "Wizard of Ads" says, "Any claim made in your advertising which your customer does not perceive as the truth is a horrible waste of ad dollars."

    NordicTrack added enormous credibility from a University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse research study, ranking the cross-country ski exerciser first in the areas of weight loss, body fat reduction, and cardiovascular fitness. Ivory soap's advertising success was attributed to its credible statement that ivory soap is the 99-44/100% pure.

    3. Test Everything: Large businesses have a greater margin to waste capital and resources without testing advertising. Small businesses do not have the luxury. Use coupons, codes, and specials to measure the headline, timing, and placement of your ad. Test only one item at a time and one medium. Testing can be as simple as asking every customer for several weeks how they heard of your business.

    4. Be Easy to Contact: Every single brochure, box, email and all company literature should have full contact information including: website and email address, phone and fax numbers, and company address. It seems simple but is forgotten by most companies. At NordicTrack, every box a ski machine went into had full contact information and the "World's Best Aerobic Exerciser" tagline. Be everywhere.

    5. Match Ads to Target: Successful business advertising speaks to one target market only. At NordicTrack, the ads were tailored to each market. An ad in a medical publication preached the cardio-vascular benefits of cross-country skiing to heart patients. Ads in women's magazines discussed the weight-loss and calorie burn from cross-country skiing. Focus the message to the target group.
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    Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

    Why do clients buy products or services? One way could be from a salesman using classic salesmanship with a customer. And what does classic salesmanship entail? Classic salesmanship includes getting to know the customer and discussing how they can benefit from a product or service. Then the salesman directs the customer to the product or service with the features the customer needs to get the benefits desired.

    A good salesman does something that all too often small business advertising does not. They elicit emotional responses with a customer using personal connections. They then back up the emotional response with logic and reasoning that support what they want to do based on that emotion.

    Most small business advertising in print-and even in other media-simply touts the features of a product or service rather than telling customers how they can benefit from that feature. Customers don’t really care about features unless they directly benefit them.

    For example a vehicle that can hold up to seven passengers. I would have no want or need of this feature if I have a family of three. It is of no benefit to me. But if a good salesman were to discover that my only child has a bunch of friends over all the time, and that I shuttle them frequently between activities, classic salesmanship can take over and the salesman can recognize how the feature can benefit me.. That car with room for seven could make life easier because I can fit everyone into the vehicle, and be the cool parent because my kid can spend more time with friends.

    To create effective small business advertising, you must know something about your customer or potential customers. Once you know enough about your customers to describe them, you can make small business advertising that directly speaks to the customers. You can then show how they’ll benefit from your product or service.

    The key to small business advertising could be summarized in three words: Features, Benefits, and Emotion. But the response you want to elicit-and the order in which these words and concepts matter to potential customers-is in reverse order.

    Your small business advertising must elicit emotion first. It must create an emotional reaction or response. They have to desire and feel connected to your product or service.

    Next, your advertising must showcase the benefits-to the customer-that justify the emotional desire. People are looking to purchase a product or service that they desire, but they must first justify the expense. By describing the benefits, you help the customer justify their expenditure on your product or service.

    Showcasing the features of a product or service comes last. But remember, benefits of the features only matter if they support the customer’s emotional reaction and desire to buy in the first place. So don’t focus on the features in your small business advertising at the start.

    Don’t forget, if you want actual business to result from your advertising, then you want to gain your responses in the proper order. Generate an emotional response first. Second, justify the purchase by describing the benefits. Then third, show off the features that provide these benefits.
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      Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success


      You really doing great job. Thanks for sharing this nice information.
      I appreciate your post. Please keep sharing more and more information...

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        Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

        Convey one message clearly.Clearly tell your target audience your one main message. Don't confuse them with too many ideas. If you can impart your main message in no more than three seconds, your target audience will more easily understand your business and what you offer. Make your message believable and real.People tend to dread advertising. Your prospective clients might have an aversion or even distrust of any advertising. So much so, that if your message even hints at dishonesty, they will immediately disapprove and disregard you. Therefore, make sure any claims you make are honest and real. People generally sniff out anything underhanded and will avoid advertising they don't trust.Test, test, and test again.Small businesses can't usually afford to waste money and effort on ineffective advertising. Before launching a full advertising campaign, test it to measure its effectiveness. One simple testing method is to ask around if potential customers have heard about your product, and if so, how.
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          Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success


          Successful business advertising does not sell a product or service. NordicTrack's ads sold the free video. Once a potential customer watched the video, they contacted the company for more information. The end result, millions of dollars of sales. Create ads that generate interest and make the customer want more information.

          Having a poor response is not the medium's fault. Often the problem is the message. Small business advertising is not a quick fix solution to marketing your company. It takes planning, testing and constant exposure to have an impact on your small business. Done correctly, small business advertising can be a winning strategy.



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            Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

            To be effective, advertising must be interruptive which means it must make you stop going through the newspaper or thinking to read or hear the ad. Advertising must also be credible, unique, and memorable in order to work. And finally, enough money must be spent to provide a media schedule for ad frequency, the most important element for ad memorability.

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              Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

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                Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

                in my opinion, your product should be very well advertise in the local market first.


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                  Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

                  Poor response is not the medium's fault, but it's an opportunity the medium is not exploiting.
                  I have written thousands...of course I mean 9 or 10 really well writthen and designed campaigns.
                  The biggest reason for poor response, could be, the business owner does not have a complete day to day advertising/marketing plan.
                  As a chef, I felt the print media should reflect the product I sold. I had a huge market, and I had hundreds of opportunities to bring the product to the customers, that I didn't recgnize...campaign futil.
                  Proffesional advertisers have the knowledge to guide a client, or at least educate him on the real costs and responsibilites of an ad campaiign. If the overall plan is not right, the advertizer needs the courage to just walk away.
                  And what do I know anyhow?
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                    Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

                    It's play an important role in small business advertising success. These are Use only one Message, include a Credibility, check all the things, Be Easy to Contact, Create Curiosity.
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                      Re: Laws of Small Business Advertising Success

                      Good info. This can be applied to a lot of different businesses and business sector. I always say look at your industry and decide on target market first. Then design marketing around that.
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