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  • discover, design, develop, debug,deploy! your website ready

    Ok, so you’re happy with the design, we’ve got your content in there, it’s been fully tested, so what are you waiting for ? Last minute nerves when it comes to launching a website are common.

    Is it the best it can be? what will people think of it? what will i do once it’s launched?

    Successfully launching a new website is an art form. By breaking the process down into a series of small steps we’ll it into more of a science and make your chances of success much higher.

    Intune Media will put your mind at ease. We’ll make launching your new website fun, motivating and financially rewarding.

    In the first few weeks we’ll help you understand, the key is in driving a huge amount of traffic to your new site. A ‘viral’ launch. Traffic has to come from getting links from popular news sites, blogs or perhaps social sites. This is the only way your launch will be a success.

    Our aims when launching your new website:

    1. Get as many links as possible
    2. Get as many visitors as possible
    3. Get as many subscribers to a blog or news feed as possible for those important future campaigns

    Simple, but effective. It is very important to take advantage of your initial storm of publicity to build some foundations for future success. The links you build from your launch will help your search engine rankings. The subscribers you build in your first few months are the people who will help grow your brand for the years to come.

    With millions of sites being launched every year people shouldn’t expect to get traffic without doing some work on their marketing. A wise business would budget accordingly for marketing their site in the first month to stand the best chance of generating a substantial return on investment.

    you would think…

    A wise business would make sure their product is valuable to consumers, or people will visit, leave and be uninclined to return. There’s not alot we can do about that one tho, that’s up to you
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