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  • MySQL web hosting

    There are several versions of MySQL web hosting. However, if you are using MySQL web hosting for the first time, it is better to opt for version 4.1 as it is default on most web hosting for MySQL systems. The following are the MySQL versions that are commonly used at this time.

    * MySQL 4.0: This version is the old stable release and hardly any MySQL web hosting provider uses them. Though new releases are issued, they only help to fix extremely critical bugs.
    * MySQL 4.1: This stable release has been followed by several new releases so as to fix the critical bugs and other security problems.
    * MySQL 5.0: This is the current stable release that follows the SQL: 2003 syntax. This MySQL web hosting can even return multiple result sets in a single invocation. New releases are also issued to fix the bugs.
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    Re: MySQL web hosting

    Hello Friends,

    Thanks for sharing this nice information regarding to MYSQL web hosting. keep sharing more and more infuture,

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      Re: MySQL web hosting

      So if you have any kind of business that needs to be on the move most of the time you make sure you have a dedicated server for MySQL Web hosting package. As a dedicated server means there is a possibility of failure, when you need it most! And of course space for additional bandwidth, which comes with your own server.
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        Re: MySQL web hosting

        Thanks for information...
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          Re: MySQL web hosting

          MySQL Databases are usually used by advanced programmers but are also required when running Wordpress or PHPBB for example.
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