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10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

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  • 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

    1) Create Extra Links

    You can improve the rank of a post or page just by putting out links of that post or page. If you have a post about “the coolest shoe design,” for example, put a group of links around the web leading to “the coolest shoe design” page. It is possible to use this technique for any keyword.

    2) Modify Post Tags

    Find out which keywords result in being directed to your post. Add these keywords to your tags and this will increase your search engine rankings substantially. In other words, if your article “10 ways to get traffic now,” shows up for the keyword “get traffic now”, add the keyword “get traffic now” to your tags for that post.

    3) Follow The Leader

    A good way to increase your traffic is to invite readers to follow you on a social media site; stumble upon or digg for example.

    4) Post At Specific Times

    There is no right time to post an article, but do pay close attention to your stats. If you know there’s a specific time you get high traffic to your posts, save the posting for then. Save your greatest articles and submit them at the times or days with the most traffic generating potential.

    Greater views will attract more attention and can get more links or social votes (if you are posting on social media sites). Maybe a Monday is better for you than a Sunday, or a Saturday than a Friday. Maybe early in the morning than late afternoon? Choose your best!

    5) Re-edit

    Make sure you edit your posts before submitting them. Editing makes a big difference. Plan out how you can improve your title, paragraphs, flow, grammer etc. Every little change plays a role in the ability of a post to drive traffic.

    6) Give ‘Em What They Want! Give ‘Em What You Promise!

    The title of your article should give away what your content will be about. Make sure your content promises the title of your post. Your viewers are coming to your article to find a solution to a problem or need. If you give them just that, you will get them hooked. If you fail to do so, they will simply move on. Do not go off topic.

    7) Get Subscriptions With The Top Industries

    The latest news in your niche by the top industries will be sure to drive curiosity and tons of traffic. Subscribing to these top industries will provide you with quick updates on the latest news, and sharing your thoughts on these topics will give you a boost in traffic.

    8) Donate A Post

    Come up with an amazing post? It’s not a bad idea to submit your article to a popular site in your niche. You can get some serious traffic and increase recognition of your website.

    9) Article Ideas

    Find stores and view some articles. Or go to a popular site, and make some observations. Find out what techniques are implemented in these articles to make them so popular. Check out the title and the content. Write tips for your next postings.

    10) Build Connections

    Answer your reader’s questions. This is a sure way to show your viewers that you care about them. Providing them with information and answering their questions will help you gain their trust. If you solve their problems, they are most likely to return again!
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    Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

    hey.. nice should also add social networking sites to your list as it helps a lot in getting lots of traffic..
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      Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

      10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic are as follows :

      1) Submit to Search Engines
      2) Submit to Web Directories
      3) Forum Contribution
      4) Include Lots of Quality Written Content
      5) Boost Your Local Listing
      6) Use a Description Meta Tag
      7) Choose the Right Keyword Phrases
      8) Use more backlinks
      9) Get a Google Sitemap on your blog to help to get it fully indexed
      10) Participate in Related Forum Boards


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        Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

        According to me to increase the traffic then I prefer forum posting & blog posting. The reason is that it helps to increase the traffic. But for that there is required to post an information as relevant and accurate.
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          Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

          When we have to increase traffic to our web sites first you must share the website on social media websites, comment on popular blogs, replying to the forums using signatures and article submission it will definitely help to increase traffic to the website.
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            Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

            There are some SEO method which help s to increase traffic for your site.

            1. Social book marking
            2. Forum posting
            3. Article submission
            4. Link wheel
            5. Blog and directory submission
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              Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

              1. Forum posting,
              2. Social bookmarking,
              3. Article submission,
              4. Directory submission,
              5. Blog comments,
              6. Social media optimization,
              7. Link wheel,
              8. Use a Description Meta Tag,
              9. Right Keyword Phrases,
              10. Boost Your Local Listing.

              These are the ways that help you to increase your traffic.
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                Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                As per my opinion, Social bookmarking, Directory submission, Forum posting, Right Keyword Phrases, Link wheel, Social media optimization, Article submission, Use a Description Meta Tag, and Boost Your Local Listing. These all are one of the best way to increase your website traffic.
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                  Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                  the best way to increase traffic to your website is the use of social networks. social networks are very powerful.
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                    Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                    Target websites that will have double purpose for your niche, SEO and marketing:
                    1. Submit links to directories that is targeted in Seattle.
                    2. Search for top blogger (related to your niche) in Seattle area, and ask if they can blog about your website. They will ask for a compensation.
                    3. Go for reciprocal exchange to websites that can benefit your niche from their traffic - sample: real estate in Seattle, etc. Do not reciprocate to websites that has no use to your site, no matter how tempting the PR is.

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                      Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                      Hello Friends...........

                      Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips with all of us.Keep sharing more tips in the future.

                      I hope this tips will help many more like m.

                      Have a nice time ahead.

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                        Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                        nice and useful tips to increase site's traffic, thanks for sharing
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                          Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                          Techniques are good but most useful tool are placing banner adds on high traffic sites and social bookmarking in high traffic social bookmarking sites also optimizing them. And it will also gives us backlinks for our seo needs
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                            Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                            * Forum Posting
                            * Footer Links
                            * Affiliate Marketing
                            * Blog Commenting
                            * Review Posting
                            * Rss Feed Submission
                            * Css Submission
                            * Video Submission
                            * Profile Creation
                            * Link Wheel
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                              Re: 10 Ways To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

                              Following are the ways to increase web site traffic

                              Write more content
                              Have a good design and layout
                              Begin tagging your images
                              Make a lens on Squidoo
                              Comment on other blogs
                              Establish relationships with fellow bloggers
                              Use traffic exchanges
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