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Best keyword ranking tips

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    Re: Best keyword ranking tips

    Following are the best keyword ranking tips

    building backlinks
    Social marketing
    Forum posting
    Submit article


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      Re: Best keyword ranking tips

      Thanks for the keyword ranking tips, I would say if you are doing link building then do it manually, it would help in increasing position of your website at SERP.
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        Re: Best keyword ranking tips

        In the long run, to build quality back links and attractive content is the most challenging.
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          Re: Best keyword ranking tips

          Do such things..

          Forum Posting
          Blog Posting
          Article Submissions

          and get the back links from high quality sites.. then it will helps you in increasing your ranking of your keywords..
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            Re: Best keyword ranking tips

            According to me, social book marketing, forum posting, article submission are the best for ranking your website.
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              Re: Best keyword ranking tips

              Originally posted by waitely View Post
              1. Page Rank

              While Page Rank per se is not an indicator of a top ranking it does show you how “important” google thinks those competing pages are. Do all the pages you are competing with have a high PR? Can you match that? If not then you might want to reconsider your keyword.

              If the top 10 is filled with PR6 pages, you might want to move on, but if there are several PR3 or below than you can probably wedge your way in. Sometimes those top PR pages aren’t optimized for the keyword and you can beat them out by getting better backlinks and doing better onpage SEO.
              2. Intention

              Are the other sites targeting your keyword phrase? Do they have it in the title, the url, an image and sprinkled throughout the content? A lot of times Google can’t find good matches for keywords and find the best thing it can. If this is the case with your phrase then you can out SEO those sites and sail to the top.

              For the pages that are optimizing for your keyword phrase, you can assume they have done the proper keyword research and may be formidable opponents. You must take a good look at them and figure out if you can beat them by optimizing better or getting better backlinks.
              3. Domain Age

              Domain age can be a factor in determining which site should come out on top for each keyword phrase. After all, domain age cannot be faked or gamed so an older domain can have some clout.

              That being said, it depends on the overall niche the domain is in. I’ve seen some really old domains rank for terms that really weren’t what they were focusing on only because there was simply no one better. So, while you should take the age of the domains on page1 into account, you have to weight this with the other factors for each page.
              4. Number Of Back Links

              For any new keyword you want to target, you should have a back link campaign in mind so looking at the number of back links that your competitors have is critical. If they all have way more back links than you could ever hope to get, then you might want to reconsider. Then again, the amount of back links isn’t nearly as important as the quality of those links.

              Also, you want to look at the back links to the actual page that you will be competing with, not the domain. I don’t mean to ignore how many links the domain has entirely because this can be a factor in the ranking as a lot of good quality links could signify that Google perceives it as an authority. But mostly, you should just look at the back links to the actual page you will be competing with.
              5. Quality Of Back Links

              This is another critical piece of the whole keyword research puzzle that a lot of people ignore. It’s not enough to just count the number of back links a page has – you have to evaluate the quality of those links. You see, a page could have 5000 links to it, but if they are all form PR0 pages on PR0 domains and many are reciprocal or nofollow then they will have little influence over rankings.
              You have a good point here about improving keyword ranks.
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                Re: Best keyword ranking tips

                Key word ranking is more important in SEO. These are some tips for best keyword ranking.

                * Blog
                * Web site designing
                * Article submission
                * Forum Posting
                * Make good key word
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                  Re: Best keyword ranking tips

                  If you want to increase traffic and bring your keyword up so some method are used for that.

                  Forum posting
                  Blog and directory
                  Article submission
                  Social bookmarking
                  tenant screening


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                    Re: Best keyword ranking tips

                    Use the free keyword research tool in Google. Put a broad phrase for your title tag. Let's say we do football drills, type in ' Soccer Drills ", which is a phrase, and you can look for your keywords, you're trying to optimize for this.
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                      Re: Best keyword ranking tips

                      Blog commenting & Forum posting are best way to increase traffic.