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Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with Live Chat

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  • Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with Live Chat

    One of the most common difficulties online business owners face is that they can hardly see their customers. In a brick-and-mortar store, you can see customers coming into your store, say hello to them, answer any question they may come up with and help them choose what they want. However, when doing business online, you probably don’t even know if there is anyone visiting your website, let alone interacting with the visitors to promote sales.
    Know Your Website Visitors
    With Live Chat’s real-time website monitor function, you can see who are on your website, what they are looking at, how long they have been on your website, how many times they have come, where they come from, how they find you, etc.. By analyzing visitors’ navigation behavior, you can further know what they are interested in or what they are actually looking for and identify those who have great purchasing potential. In a word, you have the ability to observe and understand your visitors despite the limitations of the Internet
    Reach out to Your Visitors Proactively
    You may have a fantastic website, with professional design, cool pictures or animations and well written content. Engaging as it is, it’s still passive. Visitors may come and go soon. If you cannot engage your visitors proactively, most of them will just leave and probably never return. Suppose that your website had 1 million visits every day. It’s great traffic, right? So what? It’s just meaningless if the visitors cannot become your customers and contribute to your sales revenue. Let’s see how Live Chat makes a difference for you.
    After identifying the visitors who are likely to buy or ready for contact, you can initiate a chat by sending them a chat invitation. It can be a “hello” message showing your greetings; a piece of promotion information related to the products or services they are looking at, a recommendation of products or services that you consider they might be interested in or whatever you deem will prompt them to have a chat with you. Once the visitors get in touch with you, they are no longer visitors; they become your contacts, your hot leads. Although it is not 100% of your contacts that will become your customers, it’s 100% certain that the percentage is much higher..
    Timing is everything. Sending visitors the right message at the right time is the key to making them your happy customers. Below are some tips for you.
    Tips for Identifying Visitors Ready to Chat:
    i. Visit Times – If a visitor has come to your website 3 times or more, it typically means that he/she is really interested in one or more of your products, but hasn’t decided to place an order. He/she needs someone to give him/her a push. What are you waiting for?
    ii. Visit Time – If a visitor has been on your website, especially on one web page for quite a long time (let’s say, 3 minutes or 10 minutes) , it’s also an obvious indicator that you should initiate a contact with him/her.
    iii. Page Views – Generally, the more pages a visitor views, the more likely he/she will make a purchase from you. This is not absolute, but can give you a reference.
    iv. Current Page – When visitors have spent a certain time on some specific web pages, it’s imperative for you to engage them proactively, such as a FAQ page, an order page or a checkout page. Just a little push, they will be your customers.
    Tips for Personalizing Your Chat Message:
    i. Location – Knowing where the visitors come from as well as the time zone of their location allows you to speak their language.
    ii. Current Page – Different web pages have different contents and purposes. Knowing what the visitors are looking right now enables you to offer them the most relevant information.
    iii. Navigation History – See which pages the visitors have viewed on your website. Understand their needs and give them the most to-the-point guide.
    iv. Source – The ways that the visitors come can be various. If you get to know how they find you (from which website, through which keyword, etc.), it’s easier for you to shorten the distance between you and the visitors.
    Offer Instant Help to Your Visitors
    Apart from proactively inviting visitors to a chat, you can also place a chat button on your web pages so that visitors can start a chat with you simply by clicking on the chat button. There is no need for them to install anything or log into any account. Visitors can easily get to you whenever they need your help and have their questions answered immediately. Real-time live chat can remove the obstacles the minute they are born and help visitors quickly take the call-to-action. Having a real human helping along the way also makes your website look more professional and gives visitors more confidence in your brand.
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    Re: Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with Live Chat

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      Re: Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with Live Chat

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        Re: Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with Live Chat

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