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How to create a website with SEO.

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  • How to create a website with SEO.

    Make sure your site search engine is designed to make sure your web design to balance these elements.

    URL Structure
    Using the ID page of your URL Do not disturb. Voice changing your URL structure to not only help with SEO, but also help users to find out what's on the page.

    Use Flash in Moderation
    The incorporation of Flash into your website is not bad, but lots of it. Search engines read you a flash file, so in any text or important information that you may want to index in search engines are limited by not putting. Also, do not build the site using the flash. Gradient search engines as keywords that are not irrelevant to the majority of your site's content can be grounds for and you are going to be.

    Heading Tags
    H1 H6 by addressing the group and is a great way for different subjects, and materials to give a title for each page. When you create a page content to remember only a hint of H1. If it looks natural, and keywords in H1 to its full potential use.

    One Topic per Page
    If you a variety of services or products, do not put a page of them all. You and your business focus range and the menu is made over that particular groups. Only one on each page, service / product. Better, and simpler for users to find what they need to think and I thank you once you start to target pages with keywords.

    Use of Content
    Perhaps the video, which like the other elements. At least 150 words, 1 image to see a description of each page to create a unique and alternative text. Brand image and alternative text too, and use these keywords on the page. SEO in a delicate balance, and once every 100 words is always safe to use words.

    Site to focus on speed
    Its website a long time if the page load time, patience and walk to the difference are going to get visitors. Search engine to speed on site waiting to be concerned about having something do not like. HTTP requests, large amounts of JavaScript and CSS files and a lot of large images can be loaded after all the factors that contributed to the site is slow.

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    Re: How to create a website with SEO.

    yes you are right.... meta tags and loading speed is very important to consider while creating your website.
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      Re: How to create a website with SEO.

      Ah, for some reason my reply did not go through, so i am trying again.

      I basically said that it is a great idea to invested in a quality top level domain name that is keyword rich. This can naturally help you in your quest for better SEO practices.
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