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Turn Black Hat Into White Hat SEO.

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  • Turn Black Hat Into White Hat SEO.

    The SEO industry has experienced its share of ugly gray and black hat approach for many years. It is truly amazing to me to see what continues to be the implementation of these approaches is desirable before the so-called SEO companies white hat. For those of you that do not know what I mean when I say to the SEO black hat, and here is the link that contains some good information here. Simply put, white hat SEO is a "book" to follow closely the instructions or Webmaster of the major search engines. Black hat SEO is that any playing style or tricks "system" or search engines to make the pages rank and visitors from the transfer of generating organic search faster.

    SEO is a form of marketing, inbound and it is important to emphasize the "marketing" is the main ingredient. Search engine optimization is not about (or should not be around), or the latest tricks "thing" is to create good about the quality of content, and targeting the right keywords relevant to the content written well and the leadership and relevant links to your website over time.

    There are hundreds of black hat, SEO techniques (most of which did not cover in this blog post), but these are a few black hat, techniques that I have seen recently, and how to change them in a white hat SEO approach.

    1. Hidden Text (also known as cloaking): Not adding ANY hidden text to ANY page of your website.

    2. Massive Submissions: Writing good quality articles topics that fit your audience and your business products and services. You may distribute individual in a good quality article directory (the only one that people can read) time for the guest to write industry specific blogs or websites. Beyond that link to get these types of links lead visitors to your website.

    3. Oversized Websites: Only content that your site is essential for its potential to educate visitors. Enhance the visitor experience of your site, do not confuse your audience.

    White hat that was used five years ago, or SEO Black Hat approach does not work today. You, SEO marketing and business experts, you and your business the best way (expect a white hat!) SEO to spend time educating yourself, however.