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online or retail location?

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  • online or retail location?

    I currently have an online boutique right now. I would love to one day have a retail location but at times Im not for sure if I do.

    An online store helps cuts the cost of utility fees, rents, and etc. but online is a big competition and hard to promote. and a retail location would mean more cost and fees but it would be an actual store front where people can come in and it would be easier to promote and advertise.

    In your opinion, what do you think is a better option?

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    Re: online or retail location?

    i think you can have an actual,but the online boutique you can sill have, there's not going to be a confrontation. All right?
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      Re: online or retail location?

      I agree with ytfoam. If you are ready to have a retail store, go for it. The combination from internet sales and retail sales may generate you more revenue in the end. Just try to keep track of it the first couple months to see your profits or losses.
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        Re: online or retail location?

        I think if you want global expansion or want to reach more customers locally then Online and Retail both combined will work best.
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          I think that having the physical store would be so much better in the end. I mean I"m just thinking that you would be able to promote it, but then people can actually look it up and then go to it. Plus, you will be able to promote it online so then more people will still be able to come to it. So, in the end I think that having the real store would be a better idea.


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            Customers want choices and some are going to want the retail store experience and some are going to want the online experience that is why firms like Schwab for example has online capabilities as well as physical locations