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How to decide Content while designing website

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  • How to decide Content while designing website

    It's become a cliche, but only because it's true: it really is critical that the content you present is relevant, engaging, and shareable.

    Good content will help your client in a multitude of ways - driving traffic to its site, improving its search ranking, improving PR. Yet many businesses often neglect the creation and maintenance of quality content for their site.

    So in initial meetings, if your client says something like "Oh, design the site first and we'll think about what content to put on it later", they're going about it the wrong way. Push-back time again.

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    Content is the main part of your site and content relevancy also important too. Content development is not only an easy task, but also a challenge for the writer how to develop a good and effective content. Focus on following tips which can help you to decide good and quality content during the website design.
    - Use related keyword in your content in a systematic manner.
    - No copy paste from another site
    - Add new and good word in your content
    - Use latest things such what are the new related to your business
    - Track your competitors site and read their content carefully and understand the strategy to attract visitors
    - Optimize your content with good images
    - Divide your content in the heading
    - Check the relevancy about the topic.

    above tips will be helpful for content strategy to your site.