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Start Managing Your Website Easily With A Content Management System

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  • Start Managing Your Website Easily With A Content Management System

    One main advantage of using CMS is one will be able to manage the contents of one's websites without having to deal with complicated technical tasks. Imagine that you are a very talented writer but you can't show your writings online just because you don't have any idea how to write web pages that consist of HTML tags.

    With CMS, a writer only needs to type her/his works in an editor as if she does it with a word processor. Then the CMS itself that will show her/his works online. It is a great time saver for a webmaster to create and maintain her/his website. The installation process is also very easy since many web hosting services have offered special features such as Fantastico where a user can install a CMS with just a few clicks of a mouse. The process is done automatically.

    Basically, a web content management system consists of two main parts, a front-end and a back-end. The back-end is a section where you can do many administrative tasks such as inserting and editing articles, giving privileges to some people, managing the look and feel of your website, and so on. The front-end refers to what visitors see. It is the face of your website.

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    In choosing a CMS, you should know what is the main purpose of using it. There are CMSs which are intended to build portals. Other systems are mainly used to build photo gallery, forum, personal or even corporate websites. Then you need to know what kind of features they have. For example, Drupal, an open source CMS, provides a feature where you can gather fresh contents from other sites by adding the sites' feeds. You can even filter any items so that you only show the items that contain a specific keyword.