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Drawbacks Of Outsourcing Your Web Development

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  • Drawbacks Of Outsourcing Your Web Development

    These 3 are the major drawbacks will outcome while you outsource your web development

    #1: Assuming that the outsource company you are working with can read your mind.
    #2: Failing to prioritize the work so that the most important things get done first.
    #3: Trying to communicate important details in documents alone.

    If anyone knows more about this please share..

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    Just to add up some valuable information, we know that there are some disadvantages when it comes to outsourcing. I just want to site some but im not against outsourcing rather im pro outsourcing.

    1. The biggest drawback is that outsourcing has a risk of losing confidential or sensitive data. So you need to check and be sure where to outsource.
    2. You lose control of the business functions, it means that it may lead to failure to control your business operations.
    3. If the BPO outsourcing services providers works for many clients and customers they tend to not give the 100% time and attention to one company. This can result to delay of work outputs and inaccurate work outputs.


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      I know this is a late reply and im also not against outsourcing. When you over outsource some of your tasks or like you outsource all of your business tasks it can lead to losing control of the processes and guidelines. As Garner said, confidential data is at risk because when you outsource you must be ready to give some of the data because it is needed. Some of the outsourcing firms just promise heaven but in the end they are just lying to you and providing you low quality outcome.

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