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Question you must ask to your web Designer?

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  • Question you must ask to your web Designer?

    Sometimes it is good to show off some interest in your design part instead of relying on your assigned web design and waiting for him to ask for your design. Below are some questions and points to consider before and meanwhile the design of your site.

    How much different layout he will give you for review?
    How much time he will take for delivering first design framework?
    Is there any extra hidden cost for changes in design? If yes then how much?
    Will logo and small graphic design included in the service?
    Set the budget for future changes as well, as the design of your site considered, you are not going to have the same design or graphics all the time. For example, in Christmas, you may display a different design relevant to the special Christmas campaign. So it is good to set for this special events and festivals.
    Ask for browser friendly web design and if possible ensure the correct working in mobile browser as well.

    Above are the points that I think you should ask. Add yours if I missed any important one..
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    Re: Question you must ask to your web Designer?

    One thing to note before hiring a web designer is if there is something that the designer needs with help, be clear before you hire him that it is his responsibility to hire a sub-contractor to fill in the gaps for him. This should be included in his work that he's responsible for, and spelled out beforehand when discussing prices with him. Also be sure that when you speak to the designer that they have a good understanding of your requirements and they are the kind of people you would enjoy working with.
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      Re: Question you must ask to your web Designer?

      Thanks for giving such nice info... really very appreciative...
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        It is important to ask for their portfolios and experience in working with similar projects before we go further.