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Different types of website and its management

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  • Different types of website and its management

    If you are a small business owner and want to have your online website, different types of websites are available for different platforms and for different business requirement. Below I am giving an intro to sometimes and ways to manage each.

    Static Website: it is an old way of having a website where the actual file gets stored on the server. It is affordable when you want to have website with few pages and if it would stay as it is for long time. Technical knowledge is required making modification and managing.

    Dynamic Website: Dynamic websites are those which retrieve data from the database and create pages dynamically. Developer prefers to use CMS for managing the website and you can also add, update, edit pages from user interface panel provide by using CMS.

    ECommerce Websites: Websites which list products to sell and provide a way to purchase those products and accepts payments for the same are called eCommerce website. Special eCommerce CMS is available to update inventory just like dynamic websites. Ebay and Amazone are some of the biggest eCommerce website.

    Mobile websites and application: To target audience come from mobile browsing and device, mobile websites are more suitable for mobile device by keeping in mind the mobile browsing property and attributes to provide better performance.

    Search engine portal: These kinds of sites provide search functionality to users and have separate programs to collect information on different websites automatically from the web. Google, Yahoo and MSN are an ideal example. Providing efficient search result and technique are the main objective of these websites.

    Web design and development platforms and methods vary as per the types of websites
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    In an ideal world, no website should ever be completely static and not change, but you have to be realistic what