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Which Type of Online Content is Most Worrisome?

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  • Which Type of Online Content is Most Worrisome?

    Addressing child ***ual abuses occurring on the internet has become a priority concern to international authorities in the past years. According to studies, half of the population does not know how to report content that promotes child abuse.

    A study commissioned by the Internet Watch Foundation has come to a conclusion that people are most concerned with the availability of websites showing ***ual abuse of children.

    We stumble across disturbing and worrisome content but the problem is that, we cannot put a stop to it immediately.
    Other online contents that call for the attention of law enforcers include the following:

    • Malicious computer generated images or cartoons
    • Articles supporting terrorism
    • Comments that promote hatred and racial discrimination

    What should we do to stop these contents?

    User- generated contents are usually difficult to moderate. There are too many contributions uploaded every day. However, once you find the right type of Content Moderation that you need for the certain campaign, you won’t be having any problems with the above mentioned contents.
    Besides helping such content to stop spreading on your website or platform, you will also be helping out organizations and law enforcers in ****ing these online content of the cyberspace.

    Remember that people have the power to post anything online. Having a pool of content moderators monitoring, reviewing, analyzing and filtering content uploaded to sites can help reduce these.

    Content Moderation can help you in many ways and at different levels. Content Moderation also lets you manage and protect your brand 24/7 without you exerting too much effort. Content moderators are here to help you out in securing your social presence so as not to get lambasted by online threats.

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    Re: Which Type of Online Content is Most Worrisome?

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