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How to reduce bounce rate ?

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  • How to reduce bounce rate ?

    How to reduce bounce rate ?
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    Re: How to reduce bounce rate ?

    Bounce Rate means that when someone visited your page and leaves without viewing any other pages. One way to see it is that people visited your page and didn't see anything they want. Another way to see it is that your page provided exactly what they are looking for, read it and answered their question. The amount of time spent on your website will give you more information on whether the bounce rate is good or not. If they spent a long time on your website will probably support the latter hypothesis.
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      Re: How to reduce bounce rate ?

      There are many ways to reduce bounce rate: Make easy navigation, Increase website load speed, Fresh and unique content
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        Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visited a page and immediately left.

        Ways to reduce bounce rate:
        Unique and quality content
        Avoid pop-ups
        Target keywords with high-value traffic
        Speed up your page load time.


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          Here we go!
          Some most important factors given below , which help you out..

          #1 Update your outdated content
          #2 Don
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            My views are same as that of Rachana.


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              Increase website load speed, improve user experience(UX) and content is king. Add valuable content to your site.
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                Write an Attractive Blogs
                Post On Forum
                Improve your Story
                Write a new Content
                Target Keywords
                Attract the Visitors
                Write meta Description for end Users
                Increase your page load time
                Set External Links
                Create a Mobile Friendly Sites
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