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SEO without backlinks?

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  • SEO without backlinks?

    Are external backlinks a must?
    Is it not likely to achieve high rankings with no one linking to your site?
    I ask this because I don't see any practical way to get external backlinks.
    Maybe I should also be asking how do you get backlinks without either trading or paying for them.
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    Re: SEO without backlinks?

    Even I don't do much of backlinking for my blog as well. I hate doing so since it is such of a burden to create backlinks for your blog. Thanks for the alternative by the way..


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      Re: SEO without backlinks?

      1. Blog Commenting
      2. Article Directories
      3. RSS Directories
      4. Web Directories
      5. Social Bookmarking
      6. Web 2.0 Sites
      7. Video Sites
      8. Angela’s Backlinks
      9. Forums
      10. Guest Posting
      11. Internal Links


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        Re: SEO without backlinks?

        You can also get high ranking in the search engines for good content even without backlinks But if you do backlinking with having fresh and quality content you will got more good results for your site.
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          Re: SEO without backlinks?

          It can not possible now. Backlinks most important part of SEO that help to bring the keywords on rank at various search engine like google yahoo or bing
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