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Important twitter tools

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  • Important twitter tools

    Hello Friends,

    Here, I am sharing some useful Twitter Tools with yours which I found helpful who using Twitter. Hope you people like these Tools.

    1. Grouptweet - Allows you to post private message to a group of Twitter friends.

    2. Hellotxt - This service enables you to update Twitter, a host of other micro blogging sites, and social networking sites with one click.

    3. Tweetcube - This service allows you to post files on Twitter. Files that can be shared include .Zip, .Rar, .Pdf, .JPG, .Png, .GIF, .mp3 and .Txt.

    4. Twittercal - This service allows you to post events from your Google calendar to your Twitter accounts.

    5. Toptweet - This site provides you updates from the top Twitter personalities.

    6. Twitgraph - This service provides graphs of your Twitter usage – tweets by day, top 5 words, top 5 links, and top replies.

    7. Twitterfeed - Posts your blog posts automatically to Twitter.

    8. TwitResponse - Set up your Twitter posts for the future.

    9. Tweetshots - This service allows you to take your Twitter posts to Tumblr, embed in websites, or send over email.

    10. My Tweeple - Manage your friends and followers in Twitter on a single web page.

    So, Share your experience for twitter tools.

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    Re: Important twitter tools

    hey i have never used twitter for my business.. will try these tools..
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      Re: Important twitter tools

      Hey thank you for the wonderful tools. Hunted by the grace even to share.
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        Re: Important twitter tools

        Great tools shared. I use Twilert too which is a great tool for finding tweets that have your keywords at a certain time of a day. That can be included in this list.

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          Re: Important twitter tools

          Its worlds best and awesome social networking website to use. I enjoy its best results in SEO also
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            Re: Important twitter tools

            tweeting is the great tools on the Twitter!
            Tweets help you to connect with the peoples.
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              Re: Important twitter tools

              Thanks to share this nice tips.