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  • Linkedin

    With all the buzz surrounding social medial advertising, I rarely see topics covering Linkedin. The interesting thing about Linked in is that it is a business tool that I have used to network with business contacts both past and present however, I have yet to find a good strategy on how I can utilize if for business expansion on a more social level.

    When it comes to internet start-ups and the Gen X group, I find that many are more willing to use my services on a full contract basis, whereas more established companies actually have administrator's assigned, within their own "social media" departments who are more likely to check my business profile online and ask for services on a trial basis.
    I often wonder how my business' Linkedin profile affects my bottom line and wonder what if anything I can or should be doing differently.

    In 2014, is Linked in a crucial necessity? What marketing strategies can be used? Is it a good idea to create group?

    Thank you kindly in advance for your input,


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    Re: Linkedin

    Thanks for share the links....