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  • Need some advice

    Hi guys,

    I want to start my own website and graphic design company...
    I have a home desktop PC and an Apple iBook Laptop... What I wanted to do is have like my files on my home PC but can access them on my Laptop via the internet... so when im out i can do my work and then when i get home all i need to do is turn on my PC and all my files I edited when out have updated on my PC... Like push emails and push contacts but push files... so i want my PC to be like a server =S
    Can this be done?
    Is so how much will this set me back?

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    Re: Need some advice

    hi guys

    i want to do a bussiness so i want some advices fome any one of you i think soo.......

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      Re: Need some advice

      Would like to promote my company products so how can I contact the advertisers

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        Re: Need some advice

        The first thing you need to do is keep in mind the image that you present online. It's relatively easy to gather some 'curiosity traffic' by posting links all over the place but you're never going to be truly successful if you don't put some effort into marketing your products.

        If you're putting links in forums, try adding some details about what you're trying to sell and asking legitimate questions related to running your business.

        There are plenty of folks willing to offer help (either purely to be nice or in the hopes that you'll eventually buy from them) so there's no excuse to litter the internet with weak spam when you can be honest, get better quality traffic AND build a decent reputation for yourself and your products.
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          Re: Need some advice

          Hi, this is brucely. i want to start a new business as early as possible. I need some tips and help regarding in business. Can any one help me on his please.
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            Re: Need some advice

            I am opening up my own call center Please provide all the help & support
            I really am new to this industry so bit scared
            Kindly provide your feedback on the same

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              Re: Need some advice

              What you are trying to do with your files is really more of an ftp issue. That is, you would UPLOAD your files to a webserver so that you can access them later. That wouldn't even require a website. You could do that using one of the online back up services. I don't use one, but I believe GoDaddy has that service for a real low monthly fee.

              If you want to set up a website, you could do the same thing with a password protected folder on your site. That way, it wouldn't be available to the public. Also include the right robot's text file so that Google doesn't try to index that folder.

              I hope this answers your question! Good luck!
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                Re: Need some advice

                Many people are first excited to start a new business, and this is understandable. The benefits of working for yourself, control your own income, and make the rules instead of being forced to follow are very attractive.
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