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What is Women-Owned business?

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  • What is Women-Owned business?

    Federal and state government agencies do not provide any special structure to register or form women-owned companies. There is no special terminology used to form a women-own company with the federal and state. But there are some special programs are available on federal, state and county levels.
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    Re: What is Women-Owned business?

    i would like to answer your question based on my own understanding..

    Women-Owned business is a kind of business where a woman works at home. Struggling yet enjoying their home based business {whatever business their engaged in} This is also applicable to MEN and to everyone who are interested in home based business..
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      Re: What is Women-Owned business?

      When A Business which is owned, controlled and operated by a woman with the 50% share or more than 50%, and with respect to which more than 50% of the net profit or loss attributable to the business or salary accrues to the woman shareholders or owners.
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