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New business name HELP! SWAT?

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  • New business name HELP! SWAT?

    Hey I'm working on a new business name and thinking of having SWAT as part of the name, is that okay to do?

    What I mean is what do you think of using the word SWAT in a business name, does it have a negative connatation?
    What do you think of when you hear SWAT?

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    Re: New business name HELP! SWAT?

    Swat is usually used with police forces and forces which fight against crime. You can use name swat for businesses which have an intention of fighting with police.
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      Re: New business name HELP! SWAT?

      It's so unfortunate that a lot of gamers today, when they hear the names Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six only remember the modern versions of those games. Where they jump to third person perspective whenever any actions are made. Just like how they messed up Deus Ex Human Revolution by relying on TPS mode for takedowns. So much insecurity at the power of pure FPS aspect.

      I am me and I endorse this game. I just remember how I'd play Rainbow six on a commander mode and start out the plan and sit back and watch my guys execute it for themselves.