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planning for small business

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  • planning for small business

    i want to know what should be effective planning for small business.
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    Re: planning for small business

    Here are the some tips for you:

    Starting plan
    Find the counselor
    THINK ABOUT the finance
    establish your business
    find out the audience
    do the marketing
    take the licenses and permits


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      Re: planning for small business

      you should consult with someone experienced and also the funds.
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        Re: planning for small business

        I agree with chelsy.houston
        You can take advice from professional business coach


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          Re: planning for small business

          Start by researching your business idea. Create a cashflow forecast. You also need to decide your business structure, whether you will make it an LLC, or a sole proprietorship. Another thing you need to do is incorporate your business. Learn as much as you can about your competition or how similar businesses work.
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            Re: planning for small business

            Businesses of all sizes can benefit from careful planning. Writing a business plan will force you to objectively develop and evaluate your tactical and strategic plans. It will also help you identify the opportunities and risks encountered as a result of your decisions. my advice is to always ask the funding organization what format they prefer.


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              Re: planning for small business

              Now that you’ve decided that you’d like to open a small business, you should put your thoughts down on paper. This way, your business idea is expressed in a plan – a living document that outlines every critical aspect of its operation.
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                Re: planning for small business

                Definitely a business needs certain kinds of planning strategy for developing their profits and set up their structure and it consists of many criteria such as set up plans to establish your business, marketing plan and research to know the market condition for your business product and services, and goal oriented to achieve the profitable forms.
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                  Re: planning for small business

                  Outline Topic Table Chart
                  1.0 Executive Summary Highlights
                  1.1 Objectives
                  1.2 Mission
                  1.3 Keys to Success
                  2.0 Company Summary Startup Startup
                  3.0 Product Description
                  4.1 Market Segmentation
                  4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
                  4.3 Market Needs
                  5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
                  <5.1 Competitive Edge
                  5.2 Sales Strategy Sales Forecast
                  6.0 Management Summary
                  7.0 Financial Plan
                  7.1 Break-even Break-even
                  7.2 Projected Profit and Loss
                  7.3 Projected Cash Flow Cash Flow Cash Flow
                  Ultimately, the choice of plan isn’t based as much on the stage of business as it is on the type of business, financing requirements, and business objective. Here are some important indicators of the level of plan you’ll need, even as a startup:
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                    Re: planning for small business

                    Before starting a business you need to understand and do the following research.

                    How to Conduct Market Research?

                    To run a successful business, you need to learn all about your existing and potential customers, your competitors and the economic conditions of your marketplace. Market research is the process of gathering and analyzing consumer and economic data to help you understand which products and services your customers want, and how to differentiate your business from your competitors.

                    Market research can also provide valuable insight to help you to:
                    • Reduce business risks
                    • Spot current and upcoming problems in the current market
                    • Identify sales opportunities
                    • Develop plans of action

                    How to Conduct Market Research?

                    It's often difficult to know where to begin when making decisions about a business. A little planning can go a long way, so your first step should be to learn more about how to conduct market research. This article from provides basic information on how to conduct market research as well as related articles that can be helpful for you you to make informed decisions about starting, growing and managing your business.

                    20 Marketing Tips...Every Entrepreneur Should Know!

                    • The most important order you ever get from a customer is the second order.
                    • In direct mailing, spend 10 percent of your budget on testing.
                    • Understanding and adapting to consumer motivation and behavior is not an option. It is an absolute necessity for competitive survival.
                    • A well-designed catalog mailed to a qualified response list will probably bring a one percent response.
                    • Processing and fulfillment costs incurred from the time an order arrives until it is shipped should be kept below $10 an order.
                    • Know the power of repetition. Be sure your message is consistent.
                    • The two most common mistakes companies make in using the phone is failing to track results and tracking the wrong thing.
                    • Marketing activities should be designed to increase profits, not just sales.
                    • It costs five times as much to sell a new customer as an existing customer.
                    • Selling what your customers need, instead of what they want, can lead to failure.
                    • Don't think that product superiority, technology, innovation or company size will sell itself.
                    • Don't neglect or ignore your current customers while pursuing new ones.
                    • People don't buy products, they buy the benefits and solutions they believe the products provide.
                    • Any decent direct mail campaign will cost $1.25 per piece.
                    • The average business never hears from 96 percent of its dissatisfied customers.
                    • Fifty percent of those customers who complain would do business with the company again if their complaints were handled satisfactorily.
                    • It is estimated that customers are twice as likely to talk about their bad experiences as their good ones.
                    • Marketing is everyone's business, regardless of title or position in the organization.
                    • Exaggerated claims can produce inflated expectations that the product or service cannot live up to, thereby resulting in dissatisfied customers.
                    • Get to know your prime customers—the 20% of product users who account for 80% of the total consumption of that product class.
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                      Re: planning for small business

                      All successful businesses keep detailed records. The main important part is maintaining discipline and motivation. If you provide better service for your customers, they'll be more inclined to come to you the next time they need something instead of going to your competition. You have to focus on your business and its following factors :- Better product manufacturer, Better reliable product pricing, Better product market reputation, Better product marketing
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                        Re: planning for small business

                        In my personal experience, you should definitely research product demand and various income streams before going into business. Never assume you know or that it will work out somehow. Sizing up the competition beforehand and working out strategies to overcome obstacles that arise through competition and market shifts will go a long way to helping you prepare for the road ahead.
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                          Re: planning for small business

                          No you wouldn't run into any issues. You may have to pay duties on those exports though (especially if Mexico is a manufacturer of clothing and they want to protect their industry). I don't know how feasible it would be though, so you should definitely find out what duties and other costs are and factor in those to see if it is worth it to export to Mexico.


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                            Re: planning for small business

                            to start a business you should make plan like this

                            Feasibility study
                            capital investment
                            object design
                            layout design
                            risk assesment


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                              Re: planning for small business

                              Whatever it is planning is very important .. then only we can achieve that field..
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