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Strategic Planning and Resources

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  • Strategic Planning and Resources

    Resource Planning: Before the Strategic Plan can be finally agreed and implemented, the professional servicing company leader(s) must ensure that there will be sufficient resources available for each activity at each stage of the plan. In reality, the planning for the provision of resources must be viewed as a critical element of the plan itself. The strategic plan and the objectives within it will not be achieved if the activities needed to carry out the plan are not properly supported by appropriate resources.

    Resources Forecast: A resources forecast should be carried out by professionals. All planned activities, stages, and objectives should be analyzed for resource requirements. If the forecast identifies areas where the available or deliverable resources do not match the levels required, then this must be corrected or the plan must be altered. Once the leader(s) can be satisfied that the necessary resources will be available, the plan can be finalized and implemented with confidence.

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    Prioritizing Resources: It is tempting to rank these resources, perhaps arguing that human resources and accompanying expertise and experience should be the highest on the list, but this is not logical. Lack of, or inadequate, financial, physical, or systems resources for any one of the many activities, or at any stage of the plan, can be as damaging as not having the required human resources. It is also tempting to think of resources as only human, financial, or physical, and also as coming only from internal sources. Again, this is not appropriate, as the strategic plan needs support from other areas, internally and externally, that should also be described as resources, such as systems, policies, suppliers, external stakeholders.