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  • Help choosing VoIP options

    I have owned my business for a little over four years. I have managed to grow my business to include several employees, and I no longer have to go out in the field to do the job. I have been looking toward new plans of growth over the next few months and turning this year into a year of major growth. There are a number of things I intend to change in order to accomplish this goal.

    One of the biggest problems I have is my ability to communicate constantly with everyone in my company. It gets extremely expensive purchasing a cell phone plan for 20 people, and internet access isn't always a feasible solution, or even affordable most of the time. I have decided that I need to improve our ability as a company to communicate things more quickly, and clearly. I need some method for us to stay in touch and communicate the progress of different job.

    I started my search on the internet and Google as most of us often do. I found that the amount of technology available now days is astounding. It blows my mind to see all of the different types of services and programs that are available. It makes me wonder which services would serve me and my needs best, and what services I could probably go without.

    I continued my search to learn more about telephones and different types of phone systems. I eventually landed on this page on Wikipedia. It had nothing that was very useful for me as a business owner, but I found a ton of great information about the history and development of the telephone. It blows my mind to think of how it was when the whole idea began, and how far we have come into the modern day.

    I moved on and found a variety of other websites, as well. I have decided that some VoIP system would probably work best for me. There are programs that offer instant forwarding to cell phones. I also found programs that offer the ability to track and report things more easily. I even have the ability to view messages and calls from my computer. I found a website at and was wondering if anyone has used this program before.

    What programs have you used that you would recommend? I need a program that is affordable, and will allow all of us to communicate easily with one another regardless of our locations. I also want something that will allow me to video chat with clients and potential suppliers when possible. I need to install a communication system that handles all of my communication needs from the client to the people in the field.
    Have you tried