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    Re: Tips For Bussiness Sucess

    nice tips anissa! In this tough times, we all need the help we can get in order to survive and keep our business afloat.
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      Re: Tips For Bussiness Sucess


      1. Have passion for your business
      Work should be fun. Your passion will help you overcome difficult moments and persuade people to work for you and want to do business with you. Passion can't be taught. When it wanes, as it surely will in difficult times, take some quiet time. Whether it be an hour or a week, take inventory of all the reasons you started the business and why you like being your own boss. That should renew your passion.
      2. Set an example of trustworthiness
      People have confidence in trustworthy individuals and want to work for them in a culture of integrity. The same is true for customers.
      3. Be flexible, except with core values
      It's a given that your plans and strategies will change as time goes on. This flexibility for rapid change is an inherent advantage of small over large business. However, no matter the pressure for immediate profits, do not compromise on core values.
      4. Don't let fear of failure hold you back
      Failure is an opportunity to learn. All things being equal, venture capitalists would rather invest money in an individual who tried and failed founding a company than in someone who never tried.
      5. Make timely decisions
      It's okay to use your intuition. Planning and thought are good. But procrastination leads to missed opportunity.


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        Re: Tips For Bussiness Sucess

        Business success requires the ability to adapt to changing situations. Nothing goes as planned. The business world is full of surprises and unexpected events. Using the habit of adaptability allows business owners to respond to circumstances with the ability to change course and act without complete information.
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          Re: Tips For Bussiness Sucess

          This tips are absolutely worth for running a successful business. I have my some personal point of view which is also much needed for establishing successful business like Planning, Marketing and Networking is much needed for every entrepreneur for them business.