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5 Tips for Successful Debt Collections

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    Re: 5 Tips for Successful Debt Collections

    There are plenty of successful methods for debt collection and many people follow certain kinds of collection methods such as flexible, productive, precise and time these are the best debt collection method ever I have seen applied.
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      Re: 5 Tips for Successful Debt Collections

      Originally posted by carry12 View Post
      Hello Friends.........

      1.PREPARE: Review the paperwork on the debtor before making the call. Know the history of the account, credit record, the promises kept/broken. Have all records in front of you, ready for reference.

      2.ATTITUDE: Adopt a straight, professional business-like attitude. You have a contract, you delivered the goods, money is owed, and you have a right to expect payment. Never let it become personal. Don't yell or raise your voice; and NEVER swear. Don't threaten; legal action is your recourse.

      3.CONTACT: Make sure you're talking to the right person. Don't let the individual brush you off with "You'll have to talk to the bookkeeper." Identify the person who will pay the bill. If you can't get through after several calls, tell the secretary that you know your calls are being screened. Indicate the purpose of your call and if necessary give deadlines.

      4.CONTROL: Control the conversation. Keep it focused on the debt and on the repayment schedule. Don't let the customer sidetrack you with personal history, excuses, etc. Remember, the object of your call is to collect money, or get a commitment, not to become buddies with the customer or win arguments.

      This is such a great post! Very informative as for me! Thanks a bunch for posting it here! I really appreciate it!

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        Re: 5 Tips for Successful Debt Collections

        sweet tips


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          Re: 5 Tips for Successful Debt Collections

          Great topic. It's great for everyone. This is happy with me because I just became a member of the forum.
          Thanks for all sharing
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            Re: 5 Tips for Successful Debt Collections

            hey i would like to add Debt collections can be a timing consuming process. If you feel you don't have the resources necessary for dealing with debtors to make these debt collection tips work for you, then you may wish to consider involving a collection agency as soon as your accounts become past due, in order to increase your chances of recovery.
            hope u agree with it and it helps out..
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              Re: 5 Tips for Successful Debt Collections

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