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Any Tips and advice on my idea please :)

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  • Any Tips and advice on my idea please :)

    I currently own four business related domains:

    But I am looking to start something up with my domain but cannot think what? I have two different hosting accounts currently hosting a personal blog of mine,, and the other hosting
    Any tips and ideas as to what I could do with my domains. Preferably the studentin ones...
    Thank you for your time, Paul
    Paul Bartholomew rambles on Business

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    Re: Any Tips and advice on my idea please

    How about starting a business/website that is a sort of a job board for students who want to work while studying (it can be about seasonal jobs, too, if that's what you would prefer) in UK; you can even sort them by cities or areas.

    Or start a consulting business that helps students make an easy transition from college into the business world; by starting their own business or by preparing themselves to work at a company by learning how to do well on interviews, work on their skill set, create a portfolio or write a CV, etc.

    How does that sound? Does any of that resonate with you?
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