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Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

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  • Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

    I have decided to start a home-based catering business. I'm only planning on small events such as baby/wedding showers, birthdays, etc. Nothing for hundreds of people just yet. Can anyone give me a list of recommended equipment I may need to get started? Do catering businesses still use chafing dishes?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

    it depends on the number of people you are working with.more people will lead to more utensils.
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      Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

      The first step in starting up a catering business is to draw up a business plan, which should encompass the licensing, identifying competition, marketing, price structure and logistics. Set up a catering business from the ground with helpful information from a catering chef in this free video on food service.


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        Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

        If you are starting on a small scale I would not worry so much about equipment but more about finding clients and creating a way for your catering company to stand out.

        Maybe you only serve organic food. Maybe you BBQ on site. Maybe a unique menu of cool foods you do well (crepes for example). Once you create your menus and see what types of clients you will be landing then you can tailor your equipment needs as the jobs pop up.

        How big is your kitchen? What equipment does it already have?

        Caters do still use chafing dishes but they are mostly for large scale events. You will most likely find that almost every catering situation is unique in many regards and you will need to adjust on the fly both in tools and resources.


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          Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

          I would suggest you look into leasing catering equipment as an option. That way you get to save on the expense of purchasing expensive equipment, and also getting a feel for what equipment you will need in order to serve your clientele, before you go out and purchase something you won't need. If you want to buy some equipment you also have the option of buying used equipment, another great way to save on costs.
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            Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

            I think that you need to make sure that you have all the cooking utensils and ingredients stocked in advance. The larger the number of people, the bigger the utensils and other usage.
            So make sure you do not end up buying stuff that you might not need and waste money on it.
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              Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

              Here are more checklist you can look at (BTW, I recommend second hand equipments - but of course you have to check them well)
              Dinner plates
              Bread plates
              Salad plates
              Water glasses
              Wine glasses
              Coffee cups with saucer
              Silverware settings
              Linen or paper napkins
              Table centerpieces
              Salt and pepper shakers
              Sugar holders
              Butter holders
              Serving trays
              Bus tubs
              Water pitchers
              Silverware rolls
              Bread Basket
              Chaffing Dishes
              Fuel cells for chaffing dishes
              Lighter or matches for fuel cells
              Serving spoons
              Cutting board (for beefs, hams, turkey)
              Sharp knife for cutting
              Rags (for spills)
              Decorations (seasonal flowers, ect.)
              Air-pots for coffee, decaf and hot water
              Water pitchers
              Iced tubs for soda, juice and other cold drinks
              Drinking straws
              Drink stirrers
              ****tail napkins
              Coffee cups
              Water glasses
              Basket of assorted teas and or hot cocoa
              Basket of sugar packets
              Small wastebasket


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                Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

                it would required more utensils, identify the market segment and the method your competitors are using.
                else with this u required lot of things like plates, cutting board, sharp knife..etc
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                  Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

                  You really needed equipment to successful start up a catering business and in order to know require equipment the ask for a help on for a business own of catering business or you can start searching on the web.
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                    Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

                    If you are thinking about home catering business then you should need to buy many important equipments that helpful for catering business. You need to buy a food saver machine because it help to preserve your food items for long time through sealing it.
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                      Re: Equipment needed for at-home catering business?

                      The allure of starting a home catering business can be powerful. The advantages include saving money on commercial kitchen rental and working in a space that you are comfortable with. But there are many factors you should consider before making the decision to base your catering company from your home. Home-based caterers face difficult obstacles that other caterer’s can easily overcome. They struggle with limited space and equipment, meeting health codes and regulations, and looking legitimate enough to compete with other caterers who have their own commercial kitchens or store fronts.
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