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    Dropout Masters tickets go on sale online
    From a boy has difficulties, Tran Nguyen Le Van has reached up to touch the dream to study in the US and established online ticket selling site with over 24 million hits.
    Poor guy started out 15 million abalone mushroom / director began his career re wood rat bike
    From May 7/2013, he Alumni HCMC University of Technology co-founded and became director of the car online ticketing site, connected to dozens of cars and bus stations across the country.

    29 years old, the life of this businessman experienced many waves. Van had done enough work to earn money to help out the family, left school at times rekindled thoughts in his head. Nevertheless, Van still striving to step into college. While a student of Information Technology, Office established the first club life skills and entrepreneurship in Ho Chi Minh City with the delivery of beef to stores in the city. The work of "he drove cattle" only stopped when won the scholarship worth, and Van decided to America.

    Tran Nguyen Le Van, founder of the online ticket selling websites. Photo: nvcc
    In 2012, while studying MBA in the US, in his spare time, read newspapers online Van Vietnam to help homesick. Seeing the image many people, mostly students, workers have to queue all day to buy a ticket back home too wasted time, Van wondered: "Why is not anyone to deal with this problem? Why not apply online ticketing model similar to the situation in the US passenger car Vietnam? "

    Literature evaluation Vietnam market is open when there are more than 1,000 vehicles serving more than 24 million people travel by bus. But he also said, in fact, this idea is not the first in Vietnam, a similar number of projects set up, but failed because the profit margin is not high. He put the question, whether ordinary workers as ignoring the car, the driver has applied the new technology is not.

    Van thinking a lot about the difficulties and significance of the project. But if successful, will contribute to revolutionize transportation and the country's tourism. Finally he decided to follow the call of passion and desire to help change the impoverished homeland while also launched the project "online ticket".

    Because so engrossed in the project's learning outcomes Van bad, lost his scholarship and had to return to Vietnam in late 2013. "It felt like the time I was sunstroke, no longer care about whether or not have a master's degree in business administration in America ", Van sharing.

    It was during this time, Van and his colleagues project brings to the contest and quickly won the second prize award of the Chamber of Commerce startups and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI), silver prize contest in 2014 due Mekong Business Challenge firm McKinsey organization, prize programs e27 (Echelon Ignite Vietnam 2014 - the financial comparison between the business start-up).

    Joy deluge came, the social significance of the project's Office, University of Thunderbird (Arizona, USA) has accepted to return to the school he completed the course.

    Conceptualization to implementation and deployment was hard, to get the approval of the partners also harder. No funding, the group's founder Van has designed, built site features just go to convince automakers to cooperate, but both received head shakes refused. After two months of persistence to convince, in May 5/2013, the new group's first get consent.

    On May 7/2013, they launched the site with the desire to become the ticketing cooperation, give information and help the construction vehicle business processes more professional, easier management (can check sales, ticket sales staff management, cargo management, customer ...). Customers also advantages to the website of Van when provided information on schedules, fares, choose reputable car company based on feedback and evaluation by others. Passengers can also purchase tickets online, get cheap rates 10-50% (depending on time) than buying directly outside ..

    Van said that his site has partnered with more than 20 automakers, aggregated information of more than 1,000 car maker in the country. Daily traffic reached 8000-10000. Fares are updated regularly, in the holidays, some car manufacturers take the initiative to contact the ticket price to date.

    Site is 12 people, including three founders, the next plan will recruit more people to upgrade some features such as creating a mobile version, carmakers goods management, information on air tickets, train…

    According to Van, one of the success factors for the project is that he was "wooing" his two friends were involved in the implementation of ideas. One was a Vietnam Thang Dao, born in 1987, management trainee finance the US. The second person is Luong Ngoc Long, born in 1985, graduated from the Polytechnic, winning Olympic national informatics.

    With outstanding track record, the three boys are more companies offering salaries a few thousand dollars a month. However, they refused to working together to create a product enthusiasts.