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  • Noob

    Hi guys, I am new here. Thinking of doing a Bodybuilding protein supplements as business, how you think that sounds? By the way I am Jarem.
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    Re: Noob

    Have you searched out the market and found a profitable niche for you to be in? Why would someone buy from you as opposed to all the established name brands out there already. You need to find some corner market in bodybuilding protein supplements that aren't covered yet, and focus your idea there. You want to produce something where you will stand out as opposed to just being another product in an already populated market.
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      Re: Noob

      yes why not??you can always start a business of health supplements.
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        Re: Noob

        You can always start any business. The question is can you make it profitable or is the market to flooded that you will not be able to stay afloat? That is where you need to research things. If you are going to invest the time and money on a product, I would assume you have plans of keeping the new business up and running. That means you need to be making a profit at some point.
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