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  • Outsource your technology support

    Has anyone tried outsourcing their help desk on some of the services you see online?

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    Re: Outsource your technology support

    We have outsourced some development work but not the help desk we like the fact that our help desk people are onsite and can correct a problem immediately.
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      Re: Outsource your technology support

      We do not have that many issues to be concerned with a help desk. I would think if you are having that many issues you may want to consider changing equipment


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        Re: Outsource your technology support

        I do outsource it I give it to my partner to figure out


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          There are many benefits in outsourcing your tech support, here are some:

          1. Cost Effective - you will just only pay for the service they will provide and it is more cheaper.
          2. More focus on business core - you can focus more on your business goals and strategies because you will not worry on your tech support anymore.
          3. Expansion of the company - you can expand your company not literally the office space but the personnel and staff to help you build your business.
          4. Flexible staffs - because they are far more experienced they can do the job easily.

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            No idea for outsourcing the help desk. Because help desk processes are completely go on with the Apptivo. It is effective help desk software, easy app flows and found more interesting things in this tool. This adapts our business and fulfil requirements.
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