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Does this sound like a good Business Proposition to you?

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  • Does this sound like a good Business Proposition to you?

    I recently sent this letter out to about 50 small business owners in the area:
    I am trying to gain a solid reputation as a business consultant,
    as I am recently out of UCLA's Anderson Business School with an MBA in
    business management, and I have much knowledge of the restaurant
    business (As I was the manager of a restaurant four years ago). I am
    curious as to whether you would allow me to essentially act as a consultant for
    your business, and come up with ideas to improve the revenue and
    decrease the costs of your restaurant. I would be willing to work for
    free, (as I am just looking to gain experience in this field), and
    would like to be able to present detailed business ideas to yourself (which would
    be implemented on your approval), through which you can eradicate any
    existing inefficiencies your business might have, and improve any
    existing methods of marketing,day-to-day operation,etc.
    Joseph Carre"

    I also noted to them that the only thing I would want in return would be a testemonial that I did in fact increase their businesses profit (if I did). Also, I stated that if they were doubtful I would be effective in increasing their net profit, then I would pay THEM for the time of day to hear my business plans. Basically, I'm very desperate to get this plan off the ground and will do so BY ANY MEANS NECISSARY.


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    Re: Does this sound like a good Business Proposition to you?

    A solid business proposal is an important aspect of managing a business and is crucial to generating business for your company. If you are a new business owner looking for ways to draft the perfect business proposal, take the tips below into consideration:

    Don't Confuse Your Clients
    A poorly written proposal may raise more questions instead of clarifying the existing ones. The goal is to provide information about your business and how it can help your clients. Therefore, you must clearly outline the objectives and summarize the points you want to cover. The proposal should flow well and use plain language (except in highly technical fields), so that even a layman can understand its content. Clarity is a prerequisite for writing great business proposals and you must ensure that it is not compromised at any cost.

    Avoid vague descriptions that may mislead your clients or prompt them to take their business elsewhere. The way you write speaks volumes about you and your company.

    Define Your Objectives
    A key to writing a good business proposal is to know why you are writing it in the first place. Identify what are the key things you need to communicate in order to persuade your reader.

    Your main objective behind writing a business proposal should be to communicate your ideas effectively.

    Write Flawless Proposals
    When writing proposals, it is important to use proper grammar. Failing to exhibit solid writing skills increases the chances of prospective clients rejecting your business proposal. In most cases, there will be many other companies competing for the same market and you need to establish yourself as a serious contender.
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      Re: Does this sound like a good Business Proposition to you?

      Hi guys

      Business in the new millennium means fierce competition, aggressive marketing and strategic alliances. The extent to which a business succeeds or fails often depends upon that business's ability to be awarded contracts or to attract other businesses into Joint Ventures or strategic alliances. To accomplish either one usually requires two key items: good ideas and the ability to present those good ideas in a superbly developed business proposal.


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        Re: Does this sound like a good Business Proposition to you?

        Yeah.. I am totally agree with what angleena is saying.. You need to make strategic planning and accordingly you should follow it.. you need to be in touch of latest marketing trends.. and you should also know the strategy of your competitors..
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          Re: Does this sound like a good Business Proposition to you?

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