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  • CRM for small business


    I am looking for CRM systems to describe in my study project, and will be grateful for your advise.
    This is more theoretical problem, than practical.

    Main requirements:
    - small business level;
    - input from web (customer form on web site);
    - organise customers into groups;
    - send SMS, e-mail to customers/ customer groups;
    - make records of all actions related to customers (may be manually)
    - open source or commercial (just to compare)

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    Re: CRM for small business

    Check out Zoho. You can Google it. It is free for the first 3 users. It fulfills the requirements you listed.
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      Re: CRM for small business

      SugarCRM covers what you are looking for. It is an open source product.
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        Re: CRM for small business

        SugarCRM and VTiger are very popular.

        Would you like a Enterprise CRM, Shopping Cart or more of a invoicing script?
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          Re: CRM for small business

          A friend is currently using ACT, and is looking for a way to share the act database between multiple locations. I think a web based solution is the way to go for their small business.
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            Re: CRM for small business

            You better try Jitbit. If you are really interested just PM me and i will give you the link.
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              Re: CRM for small business

              Originally posted by lilly111
              marketing, and customer management processes has led to the emergence of small business CRM software, which many refer to as "CRM lite."
              Please someone help me I am little bit confused, I was reading this forum & thought CRM is some kind of programs in order helps to develop the relationship between businessmen & the customer, But how does software work for the same purpose?
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                Re: CRM for small business

                CRM in your small business gives you the ability to:

                - have a central place to store everyone that matters to your business: friends, contacts, suppliers, customers and potential customers;
                - track all of your interactions with your contacts: calls, emails, meetings; and
                - manage the sales process from leads to opportunities to customers.
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                  Well, CRM suite selection is not an effortless task. To check app features, integrated, easy to use, recent activity and take free trial plan. After make your decision which software is suitable for your business. If you are looking CRM for small business, I would recommend Apptivo CRM, it ideal to use.


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                    Customer Relationship Management or Credit Risk Management or something else ??