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Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

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  • Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

    As an HR person, you always had this difficult problem of managing latecomers. And many times you tried convincing yourself that some employees are too hard to change, no matter how you motivate them.

    Here are some points to stop late comings forever, with guaranteed results.

    1. Track your employees with an accuracy of minutes

    The first and foremost thing to do is to record employee in/out times accurately. As a human, it’s impossible for you to track an employee every time he comes in or goes out. You can automate this by using a time attendance device. If you don’t have one, buy a new one; it doesn’t cost much.

    2. Attendance tracking, with an option for manual editing

    Time Attendance devices are very accurate in tracking your employees. But as a manager it should be possible for you to add, delete or edit data coming in from time attendance devices. Sometimes, one of your employees is late because he was on a client visit. Your time attendance device will indicate it as a late coming, but as a manager you want to change the data to include the fact.

    3. Consolidate and analyze your findings

    So you had been tracking employees for some time; now, consolidate your findings. Create employee wise monthly or weekly reports on latecomers. Also create department wise reports on latecomers. Analyze how many hours were lost because of latecomers.

    4. Present your findings to your employees and management

    Send monthly attendance summary reports to each employee, at the end of every month. Let the employees know that they are being traced. Send department wise attendance reports to department managers.

    5. Implement new company policies

    If your company doesn’t have good policies on late comings, create new policies. For eg. If an employee is late for more than three times a month, he loses salary for a day.

    6. Motivate your employees. Find employee of the month.

    As you have accurate attendance data, find the employee with the best attendance record for the month. Display the information in your notice board, publish it in your internal website, and motivate other employees.

    Just imagine doing all these manually; it’s nearly impossible. You really need a software that can automate all these. A good HR software can do the following for you:

    1. Interprets data coming in from a time attendance devices
    2. Allows manual editing of interpreted time attendance data
    3. Generates consolidated employee, department wise reports
    4. Sends consolidated reports to employees and management each month end.
    5. Processes salary considering your attendance rules and company policies.
    6. Generates attendance summary to find the employee of the month.
    Have you automated monotonous work at your business?
    Time Attendance, Payroll, HR Software

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    Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.


    Nice tips. Coming late becomes much trouble in many offices. As long as you can make the arrangement like this , you can avoid such situation.


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      Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

      Well dear,
      These are some really useful and effective tips to become a good HR person.
      Thanks for sharing with us.
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        Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

        Motivation is an essential part in working place. Thanks for the tips.


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          Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

          Now with most companies being cheap and cutting jobs/hours, what kind of rewards can be given.
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            Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

            I think offices should be somewhat liberal about when people come to work. This tracking system is used for the habitual latecomers.


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              Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

              A really nice discussion.But these days people have started going virtual and owning their own offices.
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                Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

                very nice tips actually late coming should be avoided regular comers should be encouraged to show the seriousness of punctuality

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                  Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

                  Nice sharing buddy! I like this thread, thanks to all for participating in this forum!


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                    Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

                    In terms of managing, I find it difficult to motivate my employees. Nevertheless, I recently found out a guy,
                    who is both a management consultant and a comedian, to motivate my team. He dealt with all of our
                    complicated subjects with laughter: the importance of trust, of listening, of teamwork…it was great. It
                    was a complete magic! His name is Manager Max.


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                      Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

                      As my boss once said "culture" .. joining cultures or knowing and respecting them between your co workers is one of the things that can strengthen a professional relationship.
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                        Re: Stop Late Comings. Motivate Employees.

                        Give the audience something they’ll never forget and they’ll never forget to share. Great tips. Punctuality is priority to have success in any field.