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  • Performance appraisal

    Performance appraisal is the process of obtaining, analyzing and recording information about the relative worth of an employee. The focus of the performance appraisal is measuring and improving the actual performance of the employee and also the future potential of the employee. Its aim is to measure what an employee does.
    Appraisal cycles vary from organisation to organisation. Most have six-monthly or annual reviews. Some also follow the process of a project-end review along with the usual organisation review cycle of six months or a year. However, the important thing that some of us might discount is that appraisals are as much about your future performance as they are about your past performance.
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    Re: Performance appraisal

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      Re: Performance appraisal

      Thanks for enlightening the topic. The performance appraisal system helps in finding the gap between the actual and the desired performance and also provide feed backs to employee so that they can understand their strength and areas of improvement. It also help in developing competency among the employees. Performance appraisal also act like a motivation for employees.


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        Re: Performance appraisal

        PERFROMANCE APPRAISAL is nothing but a way of measuring and improving the employees performance and measuring its future potential.
        Performance appraisal is the way of measuring the employees performance and evaluating its capabilities for further growth and development.
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